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  1. HELP!!! Savings Newbie in Training

    HELP!! Feeling in over my head in in need of assistance. I'm a 28yr old with a full time job working anywhere from 40-70 hours a with and a full-time mother of 3 and wife. Budgeting for grocery's was the last thing i wanted to do. I would ask myself where would i find the time, saving, or even the energy to plan and cook. At the time it seemed easier ...
  2. Confused

    I don't understand how to use this site.
    Do you use the weekly meals shown or is there a place that I can customize my families preferences (ie. no shell fish)?
    Thanks for any advise!
  3. grocerybudget101

    Hello Friends, I am Mary, a stay home mom from California. I am new to this exciting forum and looking forward to meet new people and find some great money saving deals in this hard time. With 4 kids in the house, any awesome deal is always welcome. I have always used the traditional mail coupon methods for years for basic groceries and everyday stuff ...
  4. Savings Can Be Fun

    It is all in how you look at your new savings adventure. I will be honest and say when I was laid off work, I was not excited. I was scared out of my wits when I did not have an income and the first un-employment check arrived. Thank Goodness I was only there for 7 months. But I was terrified. I felt like I did when I was in my 20's and learning ...
  5. New to the website

    I am new to this website. I really don't know where to get started. I tried to post some comments on some of the recipes i made, but i don't see the after i post them.
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