• 2012 Grocery Budget Year in Review

    The 2012 Grocery Budget year in review- a look at how it all comes together! Our families grocery/household budget is $250 per month (*12= $3,000 per year). This includes all of our groceries for a family of two adults and two teenage guys, plus planning for their friends/ our friends at least twice per week. This also includes all cleaning supplies, personal care items, toilet paper and paper towels as well. . .

    As you can see from our weekly menu plans, we break down the grocery aspect of budget to about $50 per week. As you will see below, some weeks are less, some weeks are more. When a week is less, we carry over the balance remaining to apply it to a future week. Do so allows us to stock up the pantry (and or freezer) when things are on sale.

    To get a better idea of how this all works, here is a breakdown of our budget for the last year:

    2012 Totals

    • Total Spent on Just Groceries $2,273.96
    • Total Spent on Paper Towels, Toilet paper, Shampoo/Conditioner (ingredients), Laundry Soap Ingredients, Cleaning Supplies, Pet Food, personal care items (feminine products, deodorant, etc) $206.84

    Grand Total Spent from the $250m/$3,000 yr Budget: $2, 480.80

    Amount left in the 2012 Grocery/Household budget that was allotted but has NOT been spent $519.20 (surplus).

    Regarding Household Goods/Paper Products/ Personal Care:

    We don't use a lot of paper towels in our home, we do use a few, about 18 -20 rolls per year, instead, we have a tendency to use hand-towels much more frequently, but with laundry soap being dirt cheap (less than $2 per 128 loads) it's not a big deal to throw a load of laundry in the machine. We also make our own cleaners which are better for the environment, use considerably less waste and work better- oh, and did I mention how much cheaper they are?!

    Here are a few of our Favorites:

    What to do with the Surplus?

    • This amount can either be applied to the principal on loans to pay down the loan faster (thereby saving money on interest payments) & getting out of debt
    • replace worn out kitchen gadgets - like vacuum sealers, bread machine, blenders, etc
    • add additional gadgets -like ravioli forms, pasta attachments, spice grinders, etc
    • Carry the balance forward towards 2013's Grocery Budget- use it to restock the pantry and freezer
    • Put it in the Savings account to accrue interest
    • Use it towards a family vacation or a weekend getaway
    • Purchase Canning Supplies, (jars/lids) Gardening Supplies etc
    • Really? how difficult is it to plan ways to spend money?!

    For more help on the budget and an in depth view of where/how to cut grocery expenses and understand sales cycles to get spending under control, check out our eBook, "The 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month".

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