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    grocerybudget101.com GroceryBudget101.com is an extension of a long-time budget minded frugal living site, Budget101.com. We created this sister site for those whose main focus is reducing their grocery budget spending. It's a collection of our trials and tribulations as a family, working together to learn new ways to save money, applying various tips and tricks along the way.
    Each week we share our Menu plans (which, like many families) are subject to change due to various unforeseen circumstances, such as forgotten school events, sick kids, longer than anticipated work days, unexpected guests, etc. The menu plans shared on this site are the menus we choose to eat in our home. They have a tendency to change based on our families needs/desires/wants etc. We consider our menus to be fairly well balanced and healthy and they might work for your family, they may not. We're not saying that you have to eat what we eat, we're simply saying, we spend less than $250 a month on groceries and this IS what we eat and this IS how we do it.

    It's less important who we are as it is what we are . . .

    What we are:
    • An all American family of 4- our sons are teenagers and frequently have their friends over, then again, we frequently have our friends over as well. We like to travel, camp, fish, hike, geocache, play sports, workout, etc. We live each day like it could be our last, because let's face it, life is short and you never know when your time is up.

    What We Are Not:

    • Professional Writers- You might occasionally see grammar or spelling errors on the site. We're sorry if these offend you, they aren't intentional. We actually have full time jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with writing.
    • Commercial/Corporate Owned: Our site is run by a family of 4; it is not owned or operated by a Corporation or other conglomerate. You may see advertisements on the site, this is because it's expensive to host a site and while we want to help as many people as possible, we don't want to dig ourselves into a hole of debt in the process, So these ads help cover the expenses of running such a site.

    We hope that clears up any questions (or misconceptions!) you might have about us and we'd like to officially welcome you to our site!

    ~May the savings be ever in your favor~

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    GroceryBudget101.com is an upbeat site created by a mom who is dedicated to helping other families get control of their grocery bill!

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