Week #13 $50 Weekly Menu for 4-6 ppl

Week #13 $50 Weekly Menu for 4-6 ppl
Week #13 $50 Weekly Menu for 4-6 ppl


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Week 13 Grocery Notes: This week’s groceries came to $57, which isn’t too bad, considering we spent $6 last week. Spring is in the air and there were some GREAT deals on produce this week! Aldi’s had pineapples on sale for just .99 each. Here is the rundown- Gal of milk, Spinach, tomatoes, apples, pears, 4 lbs bananas, red onions, oranges, cukes, lettuce, powdered sugar, brown sugar, 4lbs grapes, Olive oil, green peppers, sweet potatoes, several pounds of cheese (various types), Cantaloupe, pineapples, strawberries, green olives, pepperocini peppers, white onions, 5lbs Beef Burgers, 5 lbs ground turkey, and steaks.

March 28th thru April 3rd

Monday March 28th:

* Breakfast: Grape salad, Toast
* Lunch :Salad
* Dinner:Italian Chicken Saute

Tuesday March 29th:

* Breakfast: Scrambled Egg, veggies, cheese Wrap
* Lunch :Chicken Wraps using leftover Italian chix/onion/green peppers)
* Dinner:Cheeseburgers, Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Wednesday March 30th:

* Breakfast: Fruit Kebabs (Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Apple Chunks) w/ Yogurt Dip
* Lunch :Grill Cheese Sandwiches
* Dinner:Grilled Pork chops w/ Pineapple Salsa, baked potatoes

Thursday March 31st:

* Breakfast: Yogurt Berry Parfaits
* Lunch :Honey Dijon Egg Salad Wraps
* Dinner:Healthy Loaded Nacho’s (make double the meat/seasoning for fast dinner tomorrow!)

Friday April 1st:

* Breakfast: Poached Egg & Toast
* Lunch :Broccoli & Cheese Quiche
* Dinner:Baked Tater Taco’s

Saturday April 2nd:

* Breakfast: Orange Smoothies & scrambled eggs, toast
* Lunch :Tropical Egg Salad Wraps
* Dinner:Fish Chowder, Biscuits

Sunday April 3rd: Race Day!

* Breakfast: Toasted Biscuits with Homemade Jam
* Lunch :Fish chowder
* Dinner:Baked Stuff Pork chops, Scalloped Potatoes, Salad

Various Snacks & Dessert Items:

* Angel Food Cake w/ Sliced Berries
* Grape Salad
* Oranges
* Banana’s (banana nut muffins)
* Cantaloupe
* Chips & Fiesta Ranch Dip
* Frozen Banana Bites
* Cheese & Crackers
* Apple Pie

Drinks included:

* Iced Tea or herbal teas
* Coffee
* Lemonade
* Orange Julius Smoothies
* Copycat Gatorade

A few things I’d like to share: Normally I don’t purchase pre-made burgers but the price was excellent & I thought they’d come in handy for a quick meal later in the week when we have too many things going on. It does very little good to plan lengthy time consuming menus – if you don’t have time to prepare the recipes on it!


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  1. Generally Aldi’s (produce), Pricechopper, Walmart, Sam’s Club (Meats), and farmers markets. But it depends on the state, when traveling we also use Shaws, Shop & Save, Food Lion, Sweet Bay, and a few others.

    For example- aldi’s has strawberries, green grapes, red grapes for just .99 per pound this week. http://aldi.us/us/html/offers/weekly_ads_ENU_HTML.php

    The majority of our menu is fresh fruits, veggies and grilled meats.

  2. thank you. I live in upstate vermont in the middle of no where. we have a price chopper and hannafords in the next town and that is it. super walmart is 1 hour 15 mins away.

    i always try to get the deal but have not done 50 a week. i have untill lately with prices going up done 120 a week for food,household,and pet….looking forward to trying to cut even more.

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