Week #32 $50 Weekly Menu Plan

Week #32 $50 Weekly Menu Plan
Week #32 $50 Weekly Menu Plan


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Week #32 Grocery Notes: This weeks total expense came to a whopping $54. I didn’t intend to overspend, but found some great deals on fruit, veggies and rather than taking the time to make our own yogurt, as we usually do, I picked up a couple of large containers of Vanilla yogurt for $2 each. Watermelons are DIRT cheap this week at only $2 each at various roadside stands. These are great for making sorbets or slushies mid-day for a refreshing, cooling drink.
I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to add photographs of various dishes in this heat! By the time we finally get out of work, get home and cleaned up, get dinner cooked and on the table, I just don’t have the time or desire to snap any photos. Bear with me folks, I’ve been spending these dog days of summer shingling roofs & running materials back and forth to various jobsites.

August 8th- August 14th

MondayAugust 8th:

* Breakfast: Fruit Kebabs, yogurt dip
* Lunch: Tuna Salad Sandwich & tossed salad
* Dinner: Grilled Monteray seasoned Chicken, Garden Salad

August 9th:

* Breakfast: Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits
* Lunch: Egg Salad Wraps
* Dinner: Cheeseburgers, Garlic Roasted Summer Squash Spears

WednesdayAugust 10th:

* Breakfast:Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits or Cold Cereal
* Lunch: Evacuation Pasta Salad
* Dinner: Marinated Spicy Pork Chops, Steamed Broccoli, Pickled Beets

ThursdayAugust 11th

* Breakfast: Scrambled or Poached eggs, Toast
* Lunch:Grilled Zucchini Pizza
* Dinner: Shepards Pie, Salad

FridayAugust 12th:

* Breakfast: Blueberry Ginger Smoothies
* Lunch: Leftover Shepards Pie
* Dinner: California Halibut Bake, Potato Salad, Pickled Beets

SaturdayAugust 13th:

* Breakfast: Copycat Honey Glazed Dunkin Donuts
* Lunch: Salad, or potato salad or cucumber sandwiches
* Dinner: Sloppy Joes, Salad

SundayAugust 14th:

* Breakfast: Tropical Breakfast Risotto
* Lunch: Salad, or potato salad or cucumber sandwiches
* Dinner: Marinated Beef Kebabs, Grilled Garlic Potatoes

Various Snacks & Dessert Items:

* Fresh Fruit- Banana’s, Plums, Strawberries, Blueberries, Watermelon, Cherries
* Pickled Eggs
* Hard Cheese (Jalapeno Pepper Jack, Sharp Cheddar), Crackers
* Frozen Frappaccinos
* Watermelon Sorbet

Drinks included:

* Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
* Coffee
* Lemonade
* Copycat Gatorade
* CopyCat Arizona Green Tea

A few things I’d like to share: You’ll notice that most of the lunches this week are very light. Chances are we’ll end up skipping lunch altogether as we’re all working in triple digit heat this week. Usually on days like these we end up eating a fairly light breakfast, munch a piece of fruit mid-morning and by dinnertime, when the temperatures dip into the lower 90’s we’ll eat a larger meal.


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