2012 Week #13 $50 Weekly Menu Plan


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2012 $50 Weekly Menu Week #13- I need a week to catch up on my grocery budget, so we’re opting out of shopping this week and instead using up items in the pantry and freezer. The only exception is a few choice fruits/veggies from the local farmers market/fruit stand- total spent $16.33

We bought tomatoes, fresh broccoli crowns, milk, sour cream, strawberries, onions, grapes and peppers. Our garden is producing lettuce, jalapenos and (almost!!) tomatoes, as well as lots of fresh basil. You’ll notice we’re having kebabs again this week, I really love this method of cooking various meats and veggies in combination because they make perfect serving sizes, they’re fun to eat and they cook quickly. Besides that, they can be made up ahead of time and frozen IN the marinades themselves.

Monday 26th:

* Breakfast: Poached Eggs on Toast, Coffee
* Lunch: Tuna Grape Salad Wrap
*Dinner: Haitian Voodoo Kebabs, Mojo Potato Wedges, salad

Tuesday 27th:

* Breakfast: Bagels or French Toast or Waffles (previously made & Frozen)
* Lunch: Salad or egg salad wraps
*Dinner: Chipotle Chicken Sandwiches, Macaroni Salad

Wednesday 28th

* Breakfast: English Muffin Toast, Jam
* Lunch: Leftover Chicken & Chipotle sauce in wraps or on salad
*Dinner: Shepherds Pie

Thursday 29th:

* Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins
* Lunch: Leftover Shepherds Pie
*Dinner: Easy Enchilada’s, Salad

Friday 30th:

* Breakfast: Bagels or French Toast or Waffles (previously made & Frozen)
* Lunch: Leftover Enchiladas
*Dinner: Tomato Basil Pasta with Pesto Sauce, cucumber salad

Saturday 31st:

* Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash, Sausage, Eggs
* Lunch: Egg Salad Wrap
*Dinner: Chinese Chop Suey, Jasmine Rice, Steamed Broccoli

Sunday 1st:

* Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs or Muffins (from the freezer)
* midday meal: Dinner Party with Friends/ BBQ Bash- we’re bringing Strawberry Ice Cake- recipe soon!

Various Snacks:

* Fresh Fruit- grapes, strawberries
* Microwave Popcorn
* Chewy Granola Bars
* Spring Blushing Pears

Drinks included:

* Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
* Coffee
* Lemonade
* Copycat Gatorade
* CopyCat Arizona Green Tea

FYI: The cool whip mentioned in this weeks menu was purchase last week, as were some of the peppers which now need to be used up! The english muffin toast is actually homemade english muffin bread that has been toasted. This is an old recipe my mom used to make back in the day, and I’ll share it will you all later in the week.

Also, we did not purchase lettuce this week as our plants are finally producing!

Again- if you’re new to the site, we often make up large batches of bagels, french toast, waffles and various types of muffins and freeze them. These are what I like to call “Real Convenience” foods.

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