2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #39

2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #39
2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #39


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2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #39-This weeks menu is based entirely on convenience. Playing taxi for two teenagers with busy work and sports schedules takes it toll! For a whopping $37.19 – here’s what we purchased . . .
Milk, Flour, yeast, chickpeas, Lettuce, celery, radishes, mushrooms, spinach, cereal (which will appear as snack/munchies later this week!), applesauce (for homemade fruit roll ups), cream cheese, cukes, carrots, walnuts, french bread, crab/sea legs, Apple Cider and raisins.

Monday 24th:

*Breakfast: Fresh Watermelon chunks, Toast
*Lunch: Bermuda Spinach Salad
*Dinner: Grilled Marinated Pork Chops, Salad, Homemade Applesauce, steamed cabbage

Tuesday 25th:

*Breakfast: Chunky Homemade Applesauce, toast
*Lunch: Crabmeat Sandwiches/wraps
*Dinner: Chicken Marsala, Steamed Brown Rice, Salad

Wednesday 26th:

Poached eggs on toast
*Lunch: Hummus Wrap
*Dinner: California Halibut Bake, Baked Potato

Thursday 27th:

*Breakfast: Cinnamon Apple Raisin Oatmeal
*Lunch: Grilled Eggplant Pizzas
*Dinner: Savory Pumpkin Quesadillas

Friday 28th:

*Breakfast: Apple Cider Donuts
*Lunch: Spinach Bread Bowls & Salad
*Dinner: Tuscan Chicken, Cornbread

Saturday 29th:

*Breakfast: Apple Cider French Toast
* LunchCucumber Egg Salad Wraps
*Midday –Apple cider stew, Biscuits

Sunday 30th:

*Breakfast: Raspberry Jam Breakfast Bars
*Midday: Game Day- Bringing 7 Layer Dip

Various Snacks & Dessert Items:

* Muffins
* Apple Crisp
* Chewy Granola Bars
* Deviled Eggs
* Potato Chips & Vidalia Onion Dip
* Cinnamon Apple Cherry Cheeseball& Apple slices
* Hummus & Veggie Sticks

Drinks included:

* Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
* Coffee
* Lemonade
* Copycat Gatorade
* CopyCat Arizona Green Tea

A few things we’d like to share:

For those just joining our weekly menu plans, please note that we raise our own chickens for fresh eggs and are currently collecting 12-20 eggs per day. You’ll see these frequently incorporated into our weekly menu plans.
In addition to fresh herbs, we are still harvesting fresh jalapenos, eggplant, figs, watermelon, sweet potatoes and bell peppers from our small garden. You’ll notice that we didn’t list meat in this weeks grocery expense, that’s because meat isn’t currently on sale and the freezer is well stocked. Search for “Meat Restocking Week” for additional details.

Additional Info:
Your most Frequently Asked Questions about our weekly Menu Plans are available here.

If you haven’t read our eBook yet, “The 2012 Family Guide to groceries under $250” check it out ­čÖé

If you are struggling to reduce your own grocery bill and would like additional assistance, check out our $50 Menu plan help across the USA. As an added advantage, if we choose your request for assistance & provide a spotlight menu for your zipcode, we’ll also provide you with a free copy of our eBook to help get you started!



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