2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #41

2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #41
2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #41


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2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #41 – Some weeks you have to alter your menu plan just a little bit due to different circumstances happening in your life- for us we have several of those circumstances. We’re in the process of remodeling and we have company visiting for the week, so this weeks menu plan is actually for a family of 6!
Since the weather is fairly cool and we have the kitchen area of our home torn apart, we’ll be using the slow cooker a Lot!
This week we purchased the following: 1 gal milk, lettuce, celery, radishes, cucumbers, steaks, dried beans (several packages), italian sausage, strawberries (oddly cheap despite being out of season!), pears, bananas, sour cream, sliced cheese and cornmeal. Total spent $39.66

We harvested the following from our withering garden, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, an eggplant, 2 quarts of grape tomatoes and a watermelon. The crabmeat mentioned in this weeks menu is crab that we caught last spring and froze.

Monday 8th:

* Breakfast: Toasted Apple Cider Bread, Scrambled Eggs
* Lunch: Garden Salad with shredded cheese and diced hard boiled eggs
*Dinner: Loaded Baked Potato Soup, biscuits

Tuesday 9th:

* Breakfast: Toasted Biscuits with Apple Butter
* Lunch: Leftover Baked Potato Soup
*Dinner: Slow Cooker White Chili & Cornbread

Wednesday 10th:
* Breakfast: Poached Eggs on Toast
* Lunch: Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup
*Dinner: Grilled Montreal Steaks, Crispy Cilantro Sweet Potato Fries , salad

Thursday 11th:

*Breakfast: Toasted Biscuits with Homemade Applesauce
* Lunch: Cucumber Egg Salad Wraps or leftover white chili
* Dinner: Crab Stuffed Ravioli in Roasted Tomato Cream sauce, salad (recipe coming end of week!)

Friday 12th:

*Breakfast: Veggie & Cheese Omelettes, Toast
*Lunch: Leftover Crab Ravioli, Salad Or Chicken Salad Wraps
*Dinner: Tortilla Soup w/ Black Beans & Cornbread Muffins

Saturday 13th: A note about today’s menu choices- normally we try to keep the fried foods to a minimum, but this is our declared “Fair Foods Day” where we enjoy the flavors of the fair, without the crowds or the clanging of the rusty rides

*Breakfast:South of the Border Doughnuts
*Lunch:Corndogs & Funnel Cakes
*Dinner: Grilled Italian Hot Sausage, Onions, Green Pepper subs

Sunday 14th:

*Breakfast: Caramelized Pumpkin Sticky Buns
* Midday: Sesame Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Steamed Broccoli

Various Snacks & Dessert Items:

* Muffins
* Hard Boiled Eggs
* Angel Food Cake & Sliced Strawberries
* Microwave Popcorn
* Watermelon

Drinks included:

* Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
* Coffee
* Lemonade
* Copycat Gatorade
* CopyCat Arizona Green Tea

A few things we’d like to share:
For those just joining our weekly menu plans, please note that we raise our own chickens for fresh eggs and are currently collecting 8-15 eggs per day, as such they are frequently incorporated into our weekly menu plans.

You’ll notice that we didn’t list meat in this weeks grocery expense, that’s because meat isn’t currently on sale and the freezer is well stocked. Search for “Meat Restocking Week” for additional details.

Additional Info:
Your most Frequently Asked Questions about our weekly Menu Plans are available here.

If you haven’t read our eBook yet, “The 2012 Family Guide to groceries under $250” check it out ­čÖé

If you are struggling to reduce your own grocery bill and would like additional assistance, check out our $50 Menu plan help across the USA. As an added advantage, if we choose your request for assistance & provide a spotlight menu for your zipcode, we’ll also provide you with a free copy of our eBook to help get you started!



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