$50 Weekly Menu Plan Help: Madison, Alabama

$50 Weekly Menu Plan Help: Madison, Alabama
$50 Weekly Menu Plan Help: Madison, Alabama


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Getting ready for the Holidays can be a killer on the grocery budget! This week we’re spotlighting Madison, Alabama in our $50 menu plan help across the USA, and offers a few suggestions for saving money when a Mama’s boy stands in the way!

One guest wrote in, “I am in AL 35756. I would say we probably spend the most on convenience items which I am trying to cut back on. My boyfriend can’t/won’t cook (he is def a Mama’s boy!) so I have to have easy items that he can whip up/microwave when I’m not home.”

Unfortunately, picky eaters and non-cookers, so to speak, are the most difficult to deal with when trying to reduce the grocery budget. In these cases, if you’re the person doing the meal planning and shopping, you need only to alter 1 thing- your own attitude. Enabling a mama’s boy isn’t going to help your budget! If he “cant/won’t” cook, sit his rump down and let HIM come up with a few meal plans. Budgeting isn’t a one sided project, it requires effort on everyone in the family to be successful.

With that being said, there are some really great deals available in your area to help you reduce your grocery budget.

Aldi Deals from this weeks Flyer

Pears 2# $1.29
Grapefruit .33 ea
Bananas .44lb
Pineapple .99 each
Appleton Farms Ham .99# (8lb av)
Cranberry Jelly .89
Butterball Turkey $1.19lb (10-22lbs)
Egg Nog 1.89
Pomegranates .69 ea
Crescent Rolls .99
Hard Cheese $1.49 8oz

Aldi Everyday Low Price:
Artisan Lettuce $1.99
eggs $1.18 (or less)
Bell Peppers 3/$1.29
Mushrooms 1.29
Celery $1.29
Canned Tomatoes .69
Canned Beans .59 can
Milk $3.18 gallon
Ground Turkey $1.49 lb *freezer section*
Bread $1.19 loaf or less
Frozen Veggies .99 lb
Potatoes 10lbs/$3.29

Kroger Deals from this Weeks Flyer
Tyson Split Chix Breast .99
Canned Green Giant Veggies .49
Land o’lakes Real Butter $1.99#
Almonds $3.99lb
Stove Top .79
Marshmallows .69
Canned Milk .69
Kraft Cheese Singles $1.49
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream $1.25 ea
Kroger Frozen Veggies $1 ea
Assorted Pork Chops $2.49lb
Potatoes 10#’s $2.99
Broccoli Crowns $1 lb
Kroger Eggs $1.28
Avocado .88 ea
Ronzoni Pasta .69
Crescent Rolls $1.38
Cool Whip .99
Peanut Butter $1.99

Publix Deals from this weeks Flyer
Small Lobster Tails $4.99 ea
Publix Deli Goat Cheese $2.59
Green Beans $1.49
Yellow Squash $1.49
Publix Turkey .69lb (10-24lb avg)

Save-a-Lot Deals from this weeks flyer

Boneless skinless Chicken Breast $1.79
15lb Bag Potatoes $3.99
Pork Picnic Roast $1.19 lb
Fresh Spinach $1.49
5# Bag of Apples $3.99
Red or Green Grapes $1.49lb

Star Supermarket deals from This Weeks Flyer
Bryan Sliced Bacon $1.29 (12oz)
1lb Carrots .99
Florida Tangerines $2.99 (3lbs)
Blue Bonnet Margarine .88 lb
Frozen Veggies 16oz-20oz $1.

Potential Grocery List

(P) Publix Turkey .69lb (10-24lb avg) (10#) $6.90
(S) Boneless skinless Chicken Breast $1.79 x 2lbs = 3.58
(S) Pork Picnic Roast $1.19 lb x 4lbs 4.76
(A) Pears 2# $1.29
(A) Grapefruit .33 ea (4) 1.32
(A) Bananas .44lb x 3lbs= 1.32
(A) Pineapple .99 each
(A) Cranberry Jelly .89
(A) Pomegranates .69 ea
(A) Crescent Rolls .99
(A) Hard Cheese $1.49 8oz
(A) Artisan Lettuce $1.99
(A) eggs $1.18 (or less)
(A) Bell Peppers 3/$1.29
(A) Celery $1.29
(A) Canned Tomatoes .69
(A) Milk $3.18 gallon
(A) Ground Turkey $1.49 lb *freezer section*
(A) Bread $1.19 loaf or less
(A) Frozen Veggies $1.98 (Peas/carrots- 1 bag) (Frozen Corn- 1bag)
(K) Potatoes 10#’s $2.99
(K) Stove Top .79
(K) Kraft Cheese Singles $1.49
(K) Ronzoni Pasta .69
(K) Cool Whip .99
(A) Oatmeal $1.99
(K) Broccoli Crowns $1 lb
(S) Fresh Spinach $1.49
(S) 5# Bag of Apples $3.99
(SM) Bryan Sliced Bacon $1.29 (12oz) x 2 = $2.58
(SM) Blue Bonnet Margarine .88 lb
Total Spent $56.09

Meal Ideas: Since our guest has stated that her other half is a mama’s boy who can’t cook, we’ve tried to offer some meal suggestions are simple and need little preparation on his part. (AKA- leftovers he can put in the microwave without trashing her kitchen!)


Lunch & Dinner Ideas:

  • Dinner: Roasted Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Homemade Yeast Rolls, Gravy
  • Next Day- Turkey Sandwiches
  • Dinner: Turkey Pot Pie (using leftover turkey, 1 pkg of peas/carrots)
  • Next Day: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches- salad
  • Dinner: Roast Pork, Baked Potatoes, Broccoli Casserole (use leftover stuffing)
  • Next Day- Pulled Pork Sandwiches or shredded pork & Gravy over biscuits
  • Dinner: Using it All Turkey Soup, Cornbread
  • Next Day: Leftover Soup
  • Dinner: Shepherds Pie (use ground turkey & the frozen corn), Salad
  • Next Day: Leftover Shepherds Pie
  • Dinner: Bacon Spinach Rotini
  • Next Day: Leftover Rotini
  • Last Day of the week- tons of leftovers in the house, make a casserole to use it up or hold “restaurant night”.

Snack Ideas:

Farmers Market:

Here are some additional resources in your area that you might not have been aware of, but may offer really decent deals on fresh local produce and other goods:

  • Apple Lane Farmsoffers ham, turkeys and more Location: 8580 Madison Blvd Ste H, Madison, AL ~Website

  • Ayers Farm Farmers Market offers farm fresh produce year round , Location: 2015 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL ~Website FB

  • Blanks Berry Farm offers high quality plants, veggies and fruits, as well as seasonal berries Location: 92 Turtle neck Road, Albertville, AL (Participates in Madison City Farmers Market) website

  • Dixon Family Meats specializes in Grass fed beef (Participates in Madison City Farmers Market) website

  • Eat Wright Farm- offers healthy harvests and delicious produce, pasture raised poultry, honey products (participates in Madison City Farmers Market) website

  • Greene Street Market at Nativity– Offers a wide variety of fruits, veggies, meats and more from various vendors Location: 208 Eustis Avenue, Huntsville, Al FB

  • Hometown Market of Morgan offers , Location: 1820 6th Ave SE, Decatur, AL ~Website

  • J. Sparks Farmsoffers fresh produce Location: 312 Esslinger Drive Gurley, Al 35748 ~website

  • Madison City Farmers Market– offers local produce and farm fresh products including fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, artisan cheese, honey, homemade jellies Location: 282 Hughes Road Madison, AL 35758 ~website FB

  • Madison County Farmers Market Location: 1022 Cook Ave NW, Huntsville, AL ~Website

  • Natural Garden Farm– offers a variety of poultry, veggies raised naturally and seasonal berries Location: Hardiman road (appointment required)

  • Reed’s Farmers Market offers , Location: 12031 Highway 231 431 N, Meridianville, AL

  • Tate Farms Cotton Pickin’ Pumpkins offers Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! They also offer loads of family fun, Location: 8414-A Moores Mill Road Meridianville, AL 35759 ~website FB

Other Resources:


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