2013 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #16

2013 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #16
2013 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #16


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2013 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #16: Some weeks staying on a limited budget is easier than others, when spring hits generally it’s easier to find great deals on fruits and veggies, but this week there really weren’t any wonderful deals to speak of. This weeks grocery budget came to $54.70 and . . .

This weeks groceries include: milk, vidalia onions, red onions, pears, bananas, raisin bread, artisan lettuce, fresh broccoli, mango, 6lbs sweet potatoes, fresh mushrooms, blueberries, parsley, red/yellow/orange bell peppers, cheddar crisps, Beer, Fresh asparagus, whole grain oat bread, honey wheat bread, oyster crackers, avocados, green peppers, cucumbers, celery, oregano, ground cumin, freeze pops, and spinach. I even managed to get a half decent photo of the receipt for you!

In all honesty, the best deal of the week was 7lbs of sweet potatoes for less than $1.

Breakfast Choices this week:

  • Churros
  • Guilt Free Cinnamon Mango Muffins Or Mango Cream Oatmeal
  • Egg White Omelets (Egg whites, diced veggies, seasonings)
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Raisin Toast or Cinnamon Raisin French toast
  • Eggs- Poached, scrambled, fried, etc
  • Fresh Fruit (always available)

MondayApril 15th, 2013: Tax Day

  • Lunch: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Sandwiches
  • Dinner:Honey Dijon Salmon, Grilled Sweet Potato Home Fries, steamed asparagus spears

Tuesday April 16th

  • Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich
  • Dinner:Peppersteak, Baked Potato, Salad

Wednesday April 17th:

Thursday April 18th:

Friday April 19th:

Saturday April 20th:

Sunday April 21st:

Various Snacks:

Drinks Available:A note about our drink offerings, while we do always have coffee and tea in the house, coffee is usually with breakfast, hot tea is usually in the evening and for the most part our other drinks consist of Water. We don’t “drink milk” at all.* Iced Tea (Unsweetened & Sweet Tea, various flavors)
* Coffee
* Hot Chocolate/Cocoa
* Lemonade

A few things we’d like to share with you:
** The Ham mentioned in this weeks menu plan was leftover from a baked ham dinner a few weeks ago, it was cut into small chunks and frozen. It makes it much easier to prepare meals quickly if you take the time to prepare a few ingredients.

** We were MIA on week #14- here’s why! Check out this article on how to have an amazing vacation on less(in this case, about $50 a day – food/lodging included)

** The salmon mentioned in this weeks menu was fish that we personally caught and vacuum sealed. It always helps the grocery budget to use whatever local foods you can!

Our garden is finally in and doing well, it won’t be long before we’ll be enjoying fresh summer squash, cucumbers (aka cukes), tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, radishes, carrots and more! What are you planting in your garden this year?
FYI Section:
It has been brought to our attention that a few folks who are just joining us are getting the wrong impression that we purchase EVERYTHING at once for each weeks menu plan. This is not the case at all, nor do we recommend it. We are incorporating items purchased or home canned weeks ago into the menu plan this week.

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