$50 Weekly Menu Plan Help: Fort Wayne, Indiana


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The spotlight for this weeks $50 Menu plan help across the USA is on Fort Wayne, Indiana! Find out where to shop in Allen County to get the best savings on your grocery budget . . .

Msdianas4wrote, “Hi I live in Fort Wayne ,Indiana on a very limited budget with 3 teens still at home. I would appreciate any help. My zip is 46825 and I shop at aldi’s, kroger and gordons food service. Thank you!”

With teens at home it often helps to have fresh vegetables already cut up and in the fridge, ready for quick snacking. This remedies them tearing through the cupboards when they get home from school, ravenous to eat anything in site.

Aldi Deals from this weeks FlyerApril 17th-23rd – there are actually several Aldi stores in your area, the one located on 10007 Lima Road has the lowest prices (according to their website listings)

Avocado .69 ea
Roma Tomatoes .99 (20oz)
Hamburger buns .89
fresh mushrooms .99
Onions $1.29 (2#’s)
Fresh Broccoli .99 #
Mini Sweet Peppers $1.29
Gallon of Milk $1.99
Turkey Bacon $2.19

Aldi Every Day Low Prices
Bread $1.19 loaf
Bananas .44lb
Artisan Lettuce $1.99
Green Peppers 3/$1.99
Cucumbers .50 ea
Frozen Ground Turkey $1.69 lb
Old Fashioned Oats- Oatmeal $1.69
10 lbs Potatoes 2.50 (or less)
Pepperoni 2.29
eggs $1.09
Frozen Veggies 14-16oz bag $1
Apples $2.99 (5 lbs)

Save-a-lot Deals from This Weeks Flyer

Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast .99#
Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters .64 per pound (10# bag)
Kelloggs Cereal $1.99 box
Granulated Sugar $1.99 (5#’s)
Tuna .69 can
John Morrell Kielbasa (Smoked sausage)
Gwaltney Sausage .99 (1#)
Oscar Mayer Bologna .99

Kroger Deals from this Weeks Flyer
Assorted Pork Chops $1.97lb
Tyson Split Chicken Breast .97
Seedless English Cucumbers .99
Eggplants .99
Fuji Apples -5# bag $3.99
Corn on the cob 6/$2
Cottage Cheese $2

Sam’s Club
Deals from this weeks Flyer

5lb Bag Shredded Mozzarella Cheese $12.26 (= 1.22 per 8 oz pkg)
5 lb Bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese $12.26 (= 1.22 per 8 oz pkg)
Pork Butt $1.58 lb
Boneless Skinless Chix Breast $1.77

Gordons Food Service Deals from this weeks flyer

This one looks like it might be a hit or miss thing- depending on what you’re looking for. We weren’t able to glean any decent deals from this weeks flyer, but that’s not to say they don’t offer great deals in their store!

Other Stores Nearby

  • Healthkick Nutrition CenterLocation: 610 E Dupont Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 ~website ~FB

  • Oriental Grocery & Mart– this may be a good place to get various seasonings and specialty products, they reportedly have a good selection of instant noodles, sushi supplies and oriental flavorings and seasonings. Location:504 Noble Dr Fort Wayne, IN 46825 (Inside the strip mall)

Potential Grocery List & Plan:
A= Aldi K=Kroger S= Save-a-Lot Sams= Sam’s Club
(A) Avocado .69 ea
(A) Roma Tomatoes .99 (20oz)
(A) Hamburger buns .89
(A) fresh mushrooms .99
(A) Onions $1.29 (2#’s)
(A) Fresh Broccoli .99 x2# =$1.98
(A) Mini Sweet Peppers $1.29
(A) Gallon of Milk $1.99
(A) Turkey Bacon $2.19
(A) Bread $1.19 loaf
(A) Bananas .44lb x 5lbs = $2.20
(A) Artisan Lettuce $1.99
(A) Green Peppers 3/$1.99
(A) Cucumbers .50 ea (4) $2.
(A) Frozen Ground Turkey $1.69 lb 5lbs = $8.45
(A) Old Fashioned Oats- Oatmeal $1.69
(A) 10 lbs Potatoes 2.50 (or less)
(A) Pepperoni 2.29
(A) eggs $1.09 x 2doz = $2.18
(A) Apples $2.99 (5 lbs)
(A) Tortilla Chips $1.49 bag 43.26
(S) Fresh Pork Sirloin Roast .99# x 4lb = $3.96
(S) Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters .64 per pound (10# bag) $6.40
(S) Tuna .69 can (3 cans) $2.07
(S) Gwaltney Sausage .99 (1#)
(K) Eggplants .99 x2 = $1.98
Total Spent $ 58.66

Breakfast Ideas:

Lunch & Dinner Ideas: Keep in mind that you can (& should!) use substitutes in your recipes if you don’t have one of the ingredients. When feeding teens, it helps to make dishes that can double as premeditated leftovers- for example, at the beginning of the week make a large batch of chipotle sticky chicken, which then can be munched in Chipotle Wraps or cut up and added to a garden salad with a touch of shredded cheese, etc.

Regarding the meal plan, the grocery budget has allotted for 5lbs of ground turkey- use 1lb in the pizza stew, 2 pounds in the healthy nachos and 2 lbs in the sloppy joes. This is to account for the fact that you’re feeding 3 teens full time.

Other ideas– you could omit the turkey bacon & sausage and spend that $3 on yogurt, or on another gallon of milk and make several quarts of yogurt. Or on more fruit such as cantaloupe, which should be in season in your area this week. If you want some “flavored” yogurt, buy generic brand kool-aid and use 1/4 tsp of powder per 1 cup of yogurt.

Other Side Dish & Snack Ideas:

Farmers Markets & Other Grocery Deals:

Here are some additional resources in your area that you might not have been aware of, but may offer really decent deals on fresh local produce and other goods:

  • Barr Street Farmers Market– offers wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables, hand made jewelry and crafts, local artwork, and more Location: Barr Street, Fort Wayne website ~ FB~

  • Country Garden & Farm Market– offers certified organic veggies, herbs and cutflowers, field grown veggies and heirloom varieties Location: 14110 US 24 West Roanoke, IN 46783 website ~ FB~ They also offer wholesale & don’t worry, they’re vendors at the Salomon Market and Barr Street Farmers Markets too

  • Fort Wayne Farmers Market– offers a wide variety of vendors, farm & garden, natural foods, crafters, home-based food and much more Location: Parkview Fields website ~ FB~

  • Fort Wayne Raw Milk Club– Pasture’s Delights offers a Herdshare milk program if you’re seeking out Raw Milk Location: 2925 Wilderness Road, Fort Wayne ~website ~FB~

  • Georgetown Square Farmers Market– offers locally grown produce, handcrafted items, baked goods and unique food items Location: Runs Every Thursday 4pm, June 13th- September 12th ~FB~ ~website

  • Graber Organic Farms– offers a variety of organically grown produce Location: Springfield Rd, Harlan ~website ~FB~

  • Historic West Main Street Farmers Market– offers certified organic produce, locally grown produce, beef, poultry, eggs, breads, flowers and other Indiana produced farms product Location: 1936 West Main Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808 website ~ FB~ runs every Friday evening 3-8 PM from May-October.

  • Indoor Fort Wayne Farmers Market– offers more than 2 dozen local vendors that offer local produce, baked goods, non-perishables, etc. The indoor market is open October-May Location: Parkview Fields Lincoln Financial Event Center website ~ FB~

  • New Haven Farmers Market- offers Location: 1125 Hartzell St, New Haven ~FB~ ~website

  • Salomon Farmers Market– offers special free events, fresh produce and more Location: In the old barn, Salomon Farm Park (817 W. Dupont Road) website ~ FB~ Runs June 19th thru Sept 25th

  • Southside Market– offers fresh fruit and vegetables, a wide variety of locally grown produce, plants, baked goods, herbs, hormone free meat, cider and more Location: 3300 Warsaw Street website ~ FB~

  • Spring Market at the Farm– offers homemade items such as clothing, decorative crafts, and jewelry, baked goods, plants, spring crops and much more! Location: In the old barn, Salomon Farm Park (817 W. Dupont Road) website ~ FB~ Runs Mondays April 22- June 10th

If you happen to be from this area and know of additional inexpensive resources, please feel free to list them in the comments below so that others can enjoy them as well!


If you haven’t already, check out our eBook, “The 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month” for additional money saving tips and recipes for reducing your grocery bill!

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  1. Hello I live in Brownsburg, In. 46112 I am on a limite budget with ravenous teens at home, and a hubby that needs meals to go as he is a RR engineer that travels a lot. The stores nearby are Krogers, Walmart, Aldis, and I also shop at Traders Joes. We do try to do meatless meals as much as possible to save money.

    Thank you!

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