Menu Plan Grocery List doesn’t Add Up

Menu Plan Grocery List doesn’t Add Up
Menu Plan Grocery List doesn’t Add Up


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By far the most frequently asked question received from those who are just joining GroceryBudget101 and tuning in is, “I don’t get it, how did you come up with that menu with the groceries listed? What about the . . . ” – Well my friend, I’ll tell you Exactly how . . .

First of all, we do NOT purchase all of the groceries in one week. If we did, we’d be spending the same amount the average American family of four spends per month, currently $1,000 or more.

As you start to follow the menu plans each week, you’ll see that we purchase items based on their sales cycles.

Another notable difference is that we don’t list meats in every weekly menu as a grocery expense. That is because meat is not purchased every week, it’s purchased based on sales cycles and need. View this weekly menu which is a “Meat Restocking Week” for additional details.

“Eggs” will never appear in our list of purchased groceries. This is because we raise our own hens for fresh eggs and as such we use them generously in our menu plans. The number of eggs collected daily ranges from 12-36 eggs depending on the season and weather. Since we can’t possibly eat that many eggs we frequently give them away, trade for other items such as fresh honey, fruits, berries, and sometimes even chicken feed. The girls eat any veggie & fruit scraps that we have left over and are allowed to roam during the day as they wish.

Over the past 15 years we’ve planted several different types of trees including Macintosh Apples, Peaches, Pomegranate, Kiwi Fruit Trees, 3 different types of Cherry Trees and Fig trees. In addition, wild Persimmons grow abundantly around us, as do pears. While these trees are still fairly small we are able to enjoy some fruit from them.

To get a better idea of how this all comes together, we recommend reading our “2012 Year in Review“.

For more help on the budget and an in depth view of where/how to cut grocery expenses and understand sales cycles to get spending under control, check out our eBook, “The 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month“.

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  1. Although I totally understand where you are coming from and absolutely love your site, not to mention that my DH and kids choose your recipies over mine as favorites all the time, the one area that I am stumped on as far as savings, are the staples. Since joining in and enjoying all your good advice over the last 2months I have purchased and repurchased flour, sugar, and other basics multipule times. I understand waiting until cycles to stock up and expect that some of that expence will drop with time. But since spending much more time making from scratch (which I admit is a big savings in itself), I haven’t noticed those items pop up on your shopping list. Is this something you buy in bulk at certin times of year as well?

  2. My only comment about this explanation is that for those of us who do not have the luxury of having our own laying hens and the ability to buy/store meat in huge bulk quantities when it’s the best price, this won’t work as well. Your plan fits your situation, but not many of us city/small apartment dwellers.

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