2015 $50 Budget Menu Plan Week 6

2015 $50 Budget Menu Plan Week 6
2015 $50 Budget Menu Plan Week 6


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2015 $50 Budget Menu Plan Week 6: The winter blahs are really settling in and the easiest way around it for our family is too cook up a few comfort dishes and just enjoy the cold blustery weather that will be leaving shortly. Unfortunately, it means that we have a tendency to avoid the farmers market, which means a slightly higher grocery bill. So, with that in mind, we’ve cut costs elsewhere in the menu this week…

This week we purchased the following: strawberries, zucchini, kielbasa, carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, spinach, mango, cucumbers, lettuce, greek yogurt, broccoli, 2 Whole Chickens

Total spent this week on groceries: $48.69

From our Backyard: Fresh Eggs (down to about 6 a day)

From our Windowsill/ Garden: a few fresh herbs in the windowsill– cilantro, basil, parsley and rosemary

Breakfast Options for this week:

  • Waffles
  • Fresh Fruit (Grapefruit, Apples- leftover from last week)
  • Eggs-poached, over-easy, hard boiled, scrambled with leftover sauteed veggies & a sprinkle of cheese, etc
  • English Muffin Toast

Lunch Options for this week:

Monday February 9th :

  • Dinner: Roasted Whole Chicken, Garlic Smashed Potatoes,Copycat Stove Top Stuffing, salad (if you’re doing a 1 chicken, 5 meal plan, then I highly suggest you cut the meat off the chicken and place the amount you want eaten in a serving dish, rather than letting the family pick at it on the table or they’ll likely pick it clean. Serve plenty of sides.

TuesdayFebruary 10th:

  • Dinner: White Chicken Chiliin the Crockpot, jalapeno Cornbread

WednesdayFebruary 11th:

  • Dinner: Baked Catfish Filets smothered in Strawberry mango Salsa, rosemary roasted potatoes

ThursdayFebruary 12th:

FridayFebruary 13th:

SaturdayFebruary 14th:

  • Dinner: Dinner with Family/Friends, bringing Sweet Potato Salad

Sunday February 15th:

  • Dinner: Chicken Veggie Stew made with the remaining chicken from the roast on Monday, 7up Angel Biscuits

Various Snacks & Desserts:

  • Fresh Fruit Choices Available– Apples, Grapefruit
  • Broiled Grapefruit
  • Strawberry Julius
  • Hard Boiled Eggs (Perfect munchie item midday, packs a great protein punch)

Drinks Available: * Iced Tea (Unsweetened or Sweet Tea)
* Coffee
* Hot Chocolate/Cocoa

Less Likely to be used, but still available:
* Copycat Gatorade
* CopyCat Arizona Green Tea
* Lemonade
* Iced Coffee Drinks
* Almond Milk


FYI:If you’re wondering why all the ingredients listed in the recipes aren’t necessarily showing in the “purchased groceries” list, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

The sweet potatoes mentioned in this weeks menu plan are ones that we grew in our tiny little garden last summer & harvested late fall. You don’t have to have a big garden to have big savings. Pick just one or two items that your family eats a lot of and grow just those items, such as tomatoes and potatoes. Potatoes can literally be grown in a bag on the patio with minimal effort, just be sure they have good drainage.

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