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Dirty Little Tricks Retailers Play

The retail industry spends hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, collectively, to come up with various ways to manipulate consumers into purchasing their wares. While some of these tactics are well-known, many are not. […]

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$50 Weekly Menus

Week #7 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 7 Grocery Notes:Once again, boneless skinless chicken breast is available dirt cheap at only $1.77 per pound. It’s a great time to take advantage of the sales and buy several packages and vacuum seal […]

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$50 Weekly Menus

Week #6 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 6 Grocery Notes: Recently in our area I discovered a wonderful fruit and vegetable stand. Sometimes, the prices are dirt cheap and other times, they are considerably higher. It seems to be a hit […]

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Savory BBQ

Barbecue Chicken Club sandwiches are by far one of the most filling, simple to prepare, dirt cheap recipes.

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Dirt Cheap

Amazing Cabbage Chicken Saute

This recipe is very inexpensive to prepare, feeds 5-7 people easily and is perfect for those that are watching their weight as it’s low in fat, yet loaded with flavor.

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$50 Weekly Menus

Week #5 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 5 Grocery Notes: Chicken leg quarters were on sale this week for .50 pound, so I purchased 20 pounds. The best way to prepare such a huge amount of chicken is to remove the […]

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Grocery Guide

Grocery Guide

Welcome to the Grocery Budget 101 guide! What is it? The Grocery Guide collects the grocery sales from around the country. Those sales are processed to add ratings, recipes, charts, nutritional information, tracking, sale price […]

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Frugal Flops

MYO Corn Chips (Copycat Fritos)

Today is National Corn Chip Day. I can’t say for sure just how many people out there actually celebrate National Corn Chip Day, but it struck me that our favorite brand of corn chips only […]