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Welcome to Grocery Budget 101! We’re about to unleash some Nasty little secrets that the Big Box companies out there don’t want us savvy consumers to know about! Grocery Budget 101 is about learning the tricks and marketing ploys that keep us spending thousands of dollars each year unnecessarily. We’ll show you how we’ve successfully reduced our family’s monthly grocery budget to less than $250 per month for over 15 years.

It’s no secret that with the economic troubles we’ve all been faced with, saving money is a necessity.

First things first, let’s review all the dirty little tricks of the trade, then, in the second half of our series, we’ll show you how to save money each and every week.

Manipulation Tactics Retailers Play:

  • Dirty Little Secrets that Cost you Thousands– Think you know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to shopping? You may be shocked to realize just how many nasty little tricks those marketers play on consumers. Did you know? According to a recent study, Consumers are more Confident that they are shopping Smarter, but marketing trends have proven that they actually spend more now than they ever have.
  • 5 More Tips to Save Cash– a few more dirty little tricks you should be aware of that cost you money, as well as tips to avoid them!

Menu Planning


  • How to Begin Menu Planning– Learn the types of menus and how to figure out which one will work best for your busy family
  • Our $50 Weekly Menus view our complete weekly menu plans (which include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks and cost on average about $50 per week
  • The Stocked Pantry-Learn which items should you keep on hand to keep your grocery budget in check and maximize your savingsUsing the Seasons to your Benefit
    Taking advantage of seasonal sales will help keep your home very well stocked with affordable food goods. The savings don’t stop there, learn when the best time to purchase household goods, linens, lawn & garden supplies, tools and more: Monthly Seasonal Sale Cycles


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Filled with an insatiable wanderlust to see the world, I've dedicated most of my life to saving money where I can so I can afford to see and do the things I want. I dug our family out of debt by reducing our grocery expense to less than $300 a month. You can too!

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