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$50 Menu FAQs

Menu Plan Grocery List doesn’t Add Up

By far the most frequently asked question received from those who are just joining GroceryBudget101 and tuning in is, “I don’t get it, how did you come up with that menu with the groceries listed? […]

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$50 Menu FAQs

2012 Grocery Budget Year in Review

The 2012 Grocery Budget year in review- a look at how it all comes together! Our families grocery/household budget is $250 per month (*12= $3,000 per year). This includes all of our groceries for a […]

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$50 Menu FAQs

$50 Weekly Menu FAQ

It’s been over 1 year since we first began sharing our family’s $50 weekly menu plan. Over the course of the year we’ve received some interesting questions. Here are a few we’d like to address: