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Cinnamon Apple Ravioli aka Fried Apple Pies

Make your own delicious cinnamon apple ravioli pasta stuffed with lightly spiced applesauce or pear butter. These simply make ahead raviolis freeze well and make a fabulous appetizer or dessert. You’ll Need: 1 Batch of […]

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Make it Yourself

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are a favorite super fast all-american meal that can be thrown together in a skillet in under 20 minutes. Ground beef or turkey, onions, green pepper, seasoned perfectly make this a hearty meat […]

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Make it Yourself

Magic Middles Cookies

Magic Middles are a delectably rich chocolate cookie filled with a creamy, smooth peanut butter confectionary delight!

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Make it Yourself

Delectable Homemade Truffles

Looking for a delectable gift for someone special? Make your own Luscious Chocolate Truffles in multiple flavor combinations with this easy enticing recipe.

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Make it Yourself

Almost Hersheys Chocolate Syrup

Recreate the taste of your favorite brand chocolate syrup in your own kitchen. This rich chocolately syrup is perfect on sliced fresh fruit, over ice cream, or in milk for the best chocolate milk you’ve […]