Grocery Shopping 101 Menu Plans December 30th-Januaru 5th Re: December 30th-Januaru 5th


@sandi 98692 wrote:

Combining sales with what was in the freezer/pantry, I spent $40.40 this week;-D
December 30th-January 5th
Sunday — Autumn Beef Stew (yeah, I know it’s now winter, but the ingredients were on sale!)
Monday — Buffalo Chicken Strips, Parmesan Cauliflower, and buttered noodles
Tuesday — Aloha Salmon over lettuce and crusty bread
Wednesday — Pork Chop and Stuffing Casserole and Creamy French Green Beans
Thursday — Sweet Potato Casserole, leftover cauliflower, and crusty bread
Friday — leftover stew
Saturday — leftover salmon and bread

Your menu plan sounds delish Sandi! I love Autumn Beef Stew… and I think the “Autumn” part is definitely countered with the Alhoa Salmon later in the week, which sounds like a lovely summer dish one would enjoy whilst basking in the sun.

The sweet potato casserole is the the dish that really caught my eye though, care to share your recipe??