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I live in Alaska, the more accessible part, but I am curious as to what state you live in? Our food prices are a bit more up here depending on the comparison states. I’ve recommended your site to hundreds of people on FB.

Ah, yes, your state’s prices are considerably higher on everything, particularly Eggs! It might be worth it to you to get a handful of chickens if you have the space to keep them.

They’re fairly easy to raise and you’d make a bundle on selling the eggs on the side.
We traveled through AK for several weeks this past summer, mostly Around the Kenai, Soldotna, Down to Homer as well as up through Denali. I was floored by the prices of snack food items up there, particularly the pillsbury biscuits, almost $5 a tube. Absolutely crazy prices, but I did notice that the income is a bit higher for most folks than here.

We’ve lived in 3 very different regions the past decade, The Frigid Northeast in Maine, the midwest in Wisconsin and now the South East of SC. I have to say, the climate is much nicer in the South East, but the fishing isn’t near as fun! ­čśë