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Hi I have been using your site for a couple of months. I just got registered tonight. I live with my DH. We are on a fixed income.

I live about 25 miles from a grocery store and we don’t have a car right now. So i cook everything from scratch and I was surprised to find I love it. It isn’t as hard as shopping. He He I have made up some of the mixes and so far love them.

I have been tweaking the recipes as some ingredients seem to be different priced in my area and adjusted to our tastes. I have canned, dried and cooked from scratch off and on for about 45 years, but these mixes are very helpful. If I don’t feel well, I have some things that are “just add water” I still need to stock pile some ingredients, like powdered butter??? still debating with myself over that one.

but i have a good start on a hugh inventory. My daughter made a remark about she didn’t have a grocery store in her house (but when she needs something she likes mine). and i live in a 12 by 60 ft trailer. But i seldom need anything this minute and can add it to a list for my once a month shopping excursion.

I had lived in a city and was probably 6 blocks from any and every thing imaginable. I now live on 6 acres and the closest little convenience store (gas, milk, bread, etc) is about 6 miles away. So, I have to be resourceful and so far I am doing fine. And enjoying it.

Can’t wait to get a big chest freezer so i don’t HAVE to bake bread every 2 or 3 days. I have a small chest but it has meat, veg, fruit, milk, cream, butter and eggs in it. I cook for 2 usually but I can feed oldest daughter’s family (5) and youngest daughter’s family (6) as well. The holidays are so much better with my whole family together (I had lived in another state because of DH work) I have cats and love them dearly.

They sure have been a world of love for me. DH is totally disabled with a heart condition and I have diabetes, osteoarthritis and fibro-myalgia. So we have med bills big enough to support a small country. And we are $50 over income levels to get any help.

How ironic! But this sight has helped me learn how to be more self sufficient. Chickens next. but that will be another learning curve for us.

I want a couple of peacocks. I love their feathers! And their call Help! Help!

I wonder if I am in my 2nd childhood sometimes.