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Been there and done that and am back there again with no way out. DH was totally disabled and for some reason?!?! the credit card company, mortgage and other bills didn’t consult me when we went without any pay for 3 or 4 months. Got mortgage paid off with back SSD and that saved us.

We had to move because of stairs in and out of house. So we came back to my home state. I owned property and a beautiful trailer here. The trailer had set empty for 20 years but it had real wood paneling and was build and insulated well.

We painted the roof and my daughters laid new floors. Had an electrician check wiring and we installed a new septic ($13,700) system. Every month now is getting easier but it has been 2 years. I was so glad all the kids were grown and on their own.

DH and I can do without easier than I can deprive children. But My new love is my Cats. And they eat a lot. but they also are good mousers and are tame and loving.

and that is good since I live in the country now. I hope I can stand to raise and have chickens as I sure could use the eggs! But I have heard the feed is quite expensive and they are a lot of work. so I will have to research that.

Some times it is cheaper to buy it rather than grow or make it.Then there is the feeling of being self sufficient. And that is a great feeling. Well I have learned a lot of things that I have incorporated in my frugal life style. This is a great site for learning.

and I am 63. See you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! He He