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My husband asked me the other day, what happens when you have money leftover in your budget categories? Do you keep it in that category to have available in case of an opportunity to stock up at a good price? Save for a vacation? Pay more on the mortgage?


The grocery budget limit is $250 per month- some months we spend $100- and then Roll that over to the following month to use in other areas- meat restocking, spices & pantry restocking etc. That is our given budget for food. For many families, they spend $800-$1400 a month on food (easily), when they reduce this amount to a more manageable amount, they can use that savings (that they’re already used to spending) to payoff their back debts. Such as credit cards, mortgages, etc.

(As for me, it goes into cash and is squirreled away until it hits $100 – if circumstances haven’t decided for me by then, my husband and I discuss our priorities and feel so rich! ­čÖé – Jane

That’s a great way to appreciate your savings & enjoy all you’ve worked for ­čÖé