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Hi! Welcome to the site. Once a month shopping has it’s own challenges, like trying to find decent fresh veggies, but it sounds like you have that remedied with your garden. What seems to be your biggest expense in your grocery budget right now?

Ha! Sorry to post and then disappear. Life got hectic. ­čÖé

Our biggest expense is meat. I have 3 guys who are definitely meat eaters. I can get away with an occasional vegetarian dish, but not often. I guess produce is a big expense as well.

Our garden is not producing yet and I try to make sure we have fresh or frozen fruit available for lunches and snacks as well as salad and fresh or frozen veggies. We try to eat fresh, non-processed(scratch) and simple but can’t necessarily always afford organic, though I try hard to avoid GMOs if it won’t bust my budget to do so. Also two of us are trying to lose weight.

I tried the whole once a month shopping venture. It didn’t work out for us because of the whole produce thing you mentioned.

Any tips are welcome!