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Is there a shopping list for the weekly menus?

No, we recommend that you use the weekly flyers to make your own list based on what sales items are available and what you have on hand in your fridge, freezer and pantry.
When we first started listing our menu we listed the “shopping list”, but since many of the items were on hand people seemed to get frustrated wondering why we had “so much in the freezer”. Instead, at the bottom of each weekly menu, we list notes about the items, for example, halibut ranges from $25-40 a pound here (IF you can get it at all), However, we brought home several hundred pounds of it from a vacation we took. So it is not going to appear on our weekly shopping list.

We have a few chickens and get a dozen eggs per day from them- so you’ll never see those on our list either.

Here are the weekly sales flyers for Every Grocery store we’ve ever heard of: