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I live in Alaska. Looking for others who might be able to converse with because we don’t have the prices the lower 48 does. Eggs are almost $3 a dozen. Cheap bread is $2.50, milk runs $3.50.

Meat is ridiculous, cheapest hamburger is $4………………My handicapped daughter is 34 yrs old and get $85 for food a month on a food stamp card.

When we were up there the prices were indeed asinine! We frequently saw signs on the sides of the road for eggs for $5 a dozen. Crazy prices. Is there any chance you can get a bread machine?

You can make your own bread (effortlessly) for around .40 a loaf. We set ours to make a loaf daily.


Not sure where in Alaska you’re located, but here is a post about cutting your grocery bill in Alaska: