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Lost and Confused on Budget 101

Um, I think the confusion is because this site ISN’T Budget101 – You can reach Budget101 & it’s 24,000+ members here: http://www.Budget101.com – this site is Grocery Budget 101- which is a site of $50 Weekly menu’s and recipes. Most of the budgeting techniques and free printable Menu Planners are located on Budget101.com

@Cathy Turner 18405 wrote:

:huh: I am really confused as to how this works. I see no posts to reply on. I hope this works to find someone to talk to so I can ask questions.

I signed in here to access the menu planner and get coupons, recipes, budget stretching Ideas….But I don’t get it access to the menu planner is denied.

The Menu Planner is on Budget101.com (not grocerybudget101.com) You can view it here:


Budget101.com offers free membership- your username and password from GroceryBudget101.com will not work there.

So how do you really meet the members? How do you access their stuff that is posted?

As I mentioned above, this site is GroceryBudget101.com – this forum (that you’re currently in!) is to introduce yourself and meet other members. To “meet” the members, you simply click on their posts and reply.

How do I share things I decide to post so people can use it?

You can share items by creating posts, responding to threads and once you’ve reached “Active” member status (which requires a few minimum posts, you can create articles. More information on all of those items is available in the frequently asked questions area:


I hope I answered your questions, finding your way around a new site can be difficult at times! Welcome to the site ­čÖé