Grocery Shopping 101 Menu Plans Menus by the month Re: Menus by the month


Wow, I think this is great! I am a newbie to this meal planning strategy. I am starting out slow with a week at a time and would like to work up to two weeks at a time. Today is actually my first day of using a weekly meal plan.

I am very excited because it was to stress free this evening. I always found the “What’s for supper” question so irritating. Now I just say look at the fridge. That is where it is posted.

Now I am not trying to decide what to fix every evening. We are a family of four with a lot of extra activities. My husband is a head football and track coach so he is home late a lot and my son plays football and my daughter takes gymnastics lessons so I have found this to be very helpful. I like the basket strategy for the ingredients for supper.

I do not have a pantry or a lot of counter space, but would like to try something similar. Any suggestions would be welcome.