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Wow, I think this is great! I am a newbie to this meal planning strategy. I am starting out slow with a week at a time and would like to work up to two weeks at a time. Today is actually my first day of using a weekly meal plan.

I am very excited because it was to stress free this evening. I always found the “What’s for supper” question so irritating. Now I just say look at the fridge. That is where it is posted.

Now I am not trying to decide what to fix every evening. We are a family of four with a lot of extra activities. My husband is a head football and track coach so he is home late a lot and my son plays football and my daughter takes gymnastics lessons so I have found this to be very helpful. I like the basket strategy for the ingredients for supper.

I do not have a pantry or a lot of counter space, but would like to try something similar. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Welcome to the site! One suggestion I would make right off the bat is for you to get an inexpensive card table (the kind that folds away and can be hidden behind the couch or alongside the wall in the laundry room or back of a closet, etc. It’s really helpful when throwing together make ahead meals or casserole style dishes that can be frozen for later for those nights when you just don’t have time to cook.
The basket method- can actually be lined up on top of your refrigerator, just 2 small little baskets so you have 2 days meals ahead of time ready to go. When our kids were little we literally had NO space for food and bought a rubbermaid tote, filled it with pantry basics, flour, sugar, etc, put a pretty cloth over the top and used it as a coffee table- so I completely understand lack of space.

You just have to find creative ways to use what you have.