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This is the first month that I planned out the whole month of menus. So for (its the 7th) it has worked out great! I find it much easier to make dinner when I know what to make. I hate the 3:30 question, “What is for dinner?”

and you start rummaging around to see what you have. I decided to make an excell worksheet and put it on my phone so I can see what the plan is whenever I need to. My plan is to keep track of what we eat as the month progresses to get a clear picture of how we really eat vs. how I think we eat.

Haha!!! How do you menu plan??

That’s fantastic! That’s how we used to Menu plan when the kids were little and also when we lived in area where it just wasn’t feasible to grocery shop on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. When you’re spending $65 or more to drive back and forth to a grocery store, you learn how to plan a menu really well, lol.

How is your worksheet working out for you? I think it helps when you post the menu plan on your pantry or fridge as well, because then the members of your family eye it when they’re digging around for munchies and know not to eat certain things (that might be meant as a main ingredient later in the week!).

We even have a basket in our pantry where we place the items for tomorrow nights dinner in the basket so that they’re all ready at dinner time. Like tonight, if we were having spaghetti, I’d toss the italian seasoning, the pasta, an onion and the italian bread into the basket so tomorrow if I get home late, someone else can see what’s for dinner and start cooking it. It’s actually worked out fairly well and doesn’t really take up any extra space.