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Thank you so much! Your reply is a great help! Going to do the grocery receipt challenge and see where my biggest needs are. Also going to try to look through the mix recipes and see what we use most and try a few.

You’re quite welcome ­čÖé , glad I could be of assistance.

I was thinking I would still need coupons for toiletries. Although like you said, they are either nonexistent or only $.25 and if doubled a whopping $.50 but I guess something is better than nothing.

They actually do help on toiletries and watching the sales cycles to take advantage of the best deals. It depends on if you have an affinity for a particular brand.

I actually cut up old baby blankets from when my kids were little and have been trying to use those to wipe faces, etc. after meals. I need to look for some of the rags you mentioned. Are these something you can purchase in Walmart or Sam’s?

They have them at Sams over in the automotive area, and also in the kitchen supplies and are listed as “Bar mops” or “Bar rags”. They’re about $7 or 8 dollars for a pkg of 8 (or 10?) . sorry, I really cant remember. We buy several packages a year and use them for everything.

I even use them on my steamer mop.