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Welcome to the site Nicte! (and thank you for telling me how to pronounce your name, even though I’m reading it and not saying it out loud, it would have driven me crazy wondering, lol!)

I completely understand your thoughts on the couponing- I like the savings, but hate the massive effort that it takes, watching all the sales, watching for deals, watching watching watching. It easily becomes a “lifestyle” rather than a method of savings. At one point, we had the entire family helping us clip stackers (from multiple papers). But then something wonderful happened, our local newspaper quit having inserts…

and I realized I could save plenty of money without spending hours on coupons. We still use them on occasion, but only for items that we would normally use. That was another issue we had- we would have a coupon and there would be a sale but it would be for an item we generally wouldn’t have eaten, but we’d get it anyway- a budget breaker and as my other half puts it, a middle-maker. (aka, usually something fattening that we shouldn’t be eating).

All of my guys are meat eaters and when we lived out in the mid-west, we had a lot of venison, which was very cheap. Now that we live in the South East we have to get creative with seasonings, spices and heartier foods so they don’t miss the constant steak/potatoes style meals. Anyways, welcome to the site, I’m sure you’ll find a ton of hearty man-friendly recipes here and also on our sister site, budget101.com !

As for the fitness, I hear you on that too! There’s a great section about here:


So glad you joined us and I look forward to your posts!