Grocery Shopping 101 Menu Plans December 29-January 4

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    Sunday — country style ribs with maple barbeque sauce, Creole lima beans, and baked potatoes…$13.16
    Monday — scalloped potatoes with bacon and spicy okra with tomatoes…$6.58
    Tuesday — BBQ pork lasagna and broccoli…$3.29
    Wednesday — cheese-stuffed manicotti and leftover okra…$1.64 (I give up on the traditional New Year’s dishes!!!)
    Thursday — broiled chicken, leftover scalloped potatoes, leftover lima beans…$4.38
    Friday — ham steak, spinach, and rice…$3.90
    Saturday — Wednesday’s leftovers…$0
    Total for the week — $32.95
    How much did you spend?!!

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