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    i currently live in Indiana Pennsylvania. by the time i pay bills and such i don’t have much left for groceries. i cook the meals and make sure that my husband has lunch everyday for school. he attends wyotech currently for mechanics.

    i recently cut off our cellphones for over two hundred dollars a month and got him a prepaid phone and i cut mine over to a landline phone, i use the neighbors net so i don’t pay for that. i get dvds in the mail for Netflix for about thirteen dollars a month and that is our cheap tv, we have four fish tanks a hermit crabitat and a leopard gecko plus two dogs. we feed all our animals natural and organic food. we watch the sale prices on that and such so we get the very best value possible.

    we pay over six hundred a month for rent for our apt. it is only a one bedroom apt. we only make about fifteen hundred a month right now from the government for the gi bill. my husband gets that every month.

    i do try to watch and do well on the grocery shopping but because of stumbling onto this site i now know that i could be doing so much more to save money while continuing to eat healthy and make lots of different meals. my husband will be so happy that i do more varied meals. i am so glad i stumbled onto this site it will be so helpful.

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