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    :fryingegg: This is a brand new forum that we cooked up today so that members can chat about whatever they like- from standing in long lines to grocery store horror stories, to great deals and price drops, where to find the best groceries, and more. Basically- it’s a spot to chat about whatever concerns you and your family.


    Wow…44 views and no one has anything to say? ­čśë Guess I will be the first to start besides Liss of course.

    My problem is I actually like clipping coupons but I hate filing them….so here I have piles of great coupons and I have not filed a single one. After reading the $50 menus about a million times I am quite determined to give up coupons for not just saving money but for healthy eating. I have found that we are eating alot healthier without buying premade things. We have even been losing weight giving up the premade stuff…quite amazing.

    If only I could find a balance….maybe just use coupons for health/beauty and household things? Oh the frustration!!


    We receive coupons for fresh vegetables through our store. They send out coupons according to what we buy, so receive a coupon for dog food & some premade items we cheat with. I don’t do coupons other than that.


    I go in phases on couponing. I know it saves money, but sometimes it is overwhelming! I got some q buddies so I am trying to be good about it this time round. There is a program at the library on the 10th that we are going to for couponing 101.

    I figure this is a good start!


    I am not much on cutting coupons myself. It takes way to much time and I just don’t have the patience for it. However, with that said I am definitely not against using them. I do occasionally cut a coupon if it is something that I know we purchase on a regular basis.

    For istance, dog food, cereal bars, yogurt etc. I like to bake and cook so I make a lot of things from scratch and enjoy the satisfaction gives me knowing that my kids are getting the goodies they like, but I know what is in them. Keep up the good work.


    I tried replying to a post but I am not sure if it worked or not. My computer not behaving itself today:) Anyway, I am not much on couponing. It is so time consuming. However, I do occasionally use them for purchases that I know we make on a regular basis such as dog food and yogurt.

    I like baking and cooking so I make a lot from scratch. I find it satisfying to know that my kids are getting the goodies they like and I know what is going in them. Not a lot of preservatives there. Recently my two kiddos have been on a caramel popcorn kick.

    There is a good recipe for this on


    @reider98 120038 wrote:

    Recently my two kiddos have been on a caramel popcorn kick. .

    I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not, but there are more than 80 different popcorn mixes here:


    I’m glad to see that someone else likes clipping coupons, but I also am not as motivated to put them in my binder. I find that I get overwhelmed with the whole coupon project. I find myself shopping at Aldi mostly, where they don’t accept coupons. ­čśë


    I do clip coupons, and I organize them, and I also match them to sales. I only shop every other week (twice a month) for the large items, and then just quick stops for things like bread and eggs. My biggest way to save money on groceries was to just shop my big times like this. Less temptation to buy extra, and it gives me time to organize the coupons I need to use.

    I can usually save about $100 off my bill. But again, it is time consuming.


    I need to get myself organized and clipping out coupons. Lord knows, I need the help cashing in the coupons would bring! I am getting inspired by all of you on this forum!!!


    I don’t think there is a grocery app out there that compares prices between Canadian stores. This needs to happen!!


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