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    I was just reading over this weeks $50 dollar weekly menu for this week and seen at the bottom about buying everything for the week. I just started today using a weekly meal plan and went last Thursday to purchase what I need for most of this week. I bought what I needed to make the meals through Wednesday. This week I will go on Wednesday to purchase for the rest of the week and part of next.

    I also garden and can however; due tot he drought last year my garden pretty much died. I did have a bumber crop of apricots and some peaches. So I have been buying a lot at aldis this year. Hopefully, this year our garden will be plentiful.

    Yet for those out there who do not garden or can or just do not have the space I would suggest making a shopping plan. What do you need for what days and when will you go to the store again. This way if you plan on having a salad on Friday you are not purchasing the fresh vegetables 7plus days prior. If your are unable to go more than once a week try using the fresh ingredients at the beginning of the week so that they are being used when they are still fresh.

    I hope that this is helpful.

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