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    Newbie to this site. Hoping to learn a few things about saving money on my grocery bill .
    I live in Northern South Carolina at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains with my husband and youngest son who is a senior in college. I’m disabled and my son works part time to help pay for what he needs for school. Our household income is $2000 per month and our expenses are $2300 per month.

    I need help with how to cut our expenses. I spend $0-$200 per month on food, depending on what I can find on sale real cheap. We haven’t eaten healthy in a while due to not knowing how or what to fix on such a small amount of money. I’m hoping to learn from your web site.

    I am also wanting to have my own chickens for eggs to eat and to sell to help supplement our income. but not sure how to get started with that either. I’m thankful for finding this site. Maybe I can learn something.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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