Grocery Shopping 101 Menu Plans November 10- 16

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    This is a totally ‘fake’ menu…giggle… If you subscribe to you may know that I’ve been challenging members to think on their feet by purchasing only from the mark-down bin and plan a meal on the spot! I thought that that I would plan a menu for your review using the grocery ads. This week is Food Lion (I tried to use Aldi’s, but their link failed;-) So here is my ‘off-the-hip’ menu using a Food Lion ad:
    Sunday — chicken wings, dipping sauces, carrot and celery sticks…$2.97
    Monday — potato chowder and crusty bread…$3.98
    Tuesday — Rib-eye steak, buttered rice and corn…$17.97
    Wednesday — Smoked pic-nic ham, pasta, and mixed greens…$3.87
    Thursday — meatloaf, mashed taters, and peas ‘n carrots…$11.97
    Friday — Country style ribs, leftover rice, and mixed veggies…$5.37
    Saturday — Snow crab clusters, leftover pasta and veggies (made into a casserole)…$6.99
    The cost for this menu — $53.12…not too far from what Liss posts each week…giggle…
    So what do ya’ll think about my ‘menu’…?…

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