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    :read: We have several different levels of registration here in the forums.

    As a Guest (non-registered Visitor) you can view many of the forums, threads and posts. You will see several banner ads on each page. There are a few hidden forums that are for members only.

    As a Registered Member, you can view all of the forums, threads and posts, including a couple private forums for higher ranking members. Active Registered members (5+ posts) do not see Banner advertisements at the top of the page when they are logged in.

    Curious Lurkers – are newly registered (or inactive) members with very few posts, they have limited access to features & are unable to send Private messages. (This is for spam prevention).

    Registered Members with 5+ Posts
    – Are considered to be ACTIVE MEMBERS. Active Registered members have additional abilities granted to them as they reach higher post counts.

    Some of these features include:

    1. Ability to PM other Users
    2. Additional Private Message Space
    3. Additional Photo Sizes

    Access to Albums Feature
    5. Access to Custom Usergroups
    6. Email Features such as email a friend
    7. Additional Posting/editing Features

    Additional Calendar Features
    9. Increase in Signature features
    10. Adding Content to the Main Part of GroceryBudget101.com – including articles, recipes, tips and more


    What is considered a post? I’m new to forums but would love to become an active member. This site is awesome!


    @Krystal203 75178 wrote:

    What is considered a post? I’m new to forums but would love to become an active member. This site is awesome!

    :coffeebath: What you just posted (your reply) was considered a post. You can read more about Posts and how to format them in the FAQ area of the site:


    I hope that helps answer your question ­čÖé


    I understand that everyone behind the scenes of this forum has their own personal life to live so please take this in the manner it is meant. I’m curious as to how long it usually takes for a post to be moderated and posted. I just joined last night so the moderation issue doesn’t bother me much but I would also like to become an active member. I’m just hoping that I didn’t find the forum after it lost momentum…


    HI pink, sometimes it takes a few minutes, other times a few hours, depends on the day- there are only 2 of us that run this site and we both work full time. Once you’ve posted a few times your posts won’t be moderated any longer. Welcome to the site!


    Hi: I am new to this site. I was wondering when the ads ON the posts will disappear? I have a hard time seeing the posts and get distracted with all the flashing and blinking. Love the site by the way.


    these rules sound fair.

    if you need another moderator, i am open for the ‘job’. i currently dont work during the day and i can be available to help watch posts.


    I was just wondering why I can’t see my added comments or any replies. It looks like my posts are still being moderated which is ok, but am I not able to add comments to others yet. Just wondering. Thanks


    Great information, thanks for sharing.


    Do you have to stay “active” to maintain your account or once you reach those levels it stays there if you don’t visit the site for awhile?


    Thanks this is very helpful

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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