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    Made cabbage rolls yesterday (family recipe) and they are by far the our favorite meal. I make a lot so we have leftovers and some to freeze (they freeze wonderful). Yum! I think I may give this recipe a shot as I love to cook with my crockpot.


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    Hi m.simmons! This is a great place to start! 🙂 Welcome!

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    @mhunt802 83110 wrote:

    My name is Mary, I am also new to the site… and needing to adapt to a few things I have learned, lol !! I live just south of Boston, MA with my Husband and 3 boys. I also have a daughter, however she is 26 and is now on her own.

    Hubby just retired last year from the Air Force after 24 years, and we are still “adapting” to civilian life, lol!!
    I look forward to learning from you all !

    Hi Mary! Just wanted to say hello and welcome! I used to live in Southern NH (lived there my whole life up until 6 years ago!). Always nice to see a “neighbor!”

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    Wow…44 views and no one has anything to say? 😉 Guess I will be the first to start besides Liss of course.

    My problem is I actually like clipping coupons but I hate filing them….so here I have piles of great coupons and I have not filed a single one. After reading the $50 menus about a million times I am quite determined to give up coupons for not just saving money but for healthy eating. I have found that we are eating alot healthier without buying premade things. We have even been losing weight giving up the premade stuff…quite amazing.

    If only I could find a balance….maybe just use coupons for health/beauty and household things? Oh the frustration!!

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    Hi Amy! I love both sites and have learned so much here and at Budget101. 🙂 Like you cooking is my escape of everyday life… are going to love the recipes on here….so far everyone I have tried has been a hit in my house.


    Hi Robin! I am sure that you will find some great tips on this site without fish or shrimp. Everyone has different sales in his/her area so menus will vary. I have tried many of the recipes on here and so far my family has loved.

    Best of luck with getting the grocery bill down….I am working on mine as well. 🙂

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    Hi skmcntyr, Isn’t this site so inspirational? I have been on here for quite awhile now, lurking mostly but I love reading everything on this site. My goal this month is to get my grocery bill down to $250….I have learned one important thing though, I never bring anyone with me when I shop because I tend to go over when my spouse of teens are with me. lol

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    Hi Katie- Welcome! There are so many recipes on this site that are gluten free. I would think that if you are able, you can adapt the conenient mix recipes to be gluten free. 🙂

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