• Week #3- $50 Weekly Menu

    Week 3 Grocery Notes: This week things are getting a little easier, we have lots of pork in the freezer, as well as a few packages boneless skinless chicken breast.
    Yesterday, while shopping at Piggly Wiggly, I discovered a huge 15# package of thick sliced bacon for $19.99. Given the fact that our youngest would eat a pound of bacon in one sitting if given the opportunity, I figured I'd better buy it while it was priced well. I divided it into 1 pound packages, vacuum sealed it and
    froze it and now have enough for 15 meals.

    This left our weekly budget with about $30. Using the grocery guide, I took advantage of the sales in our area and purchased the following: 2 heads of lettuce, 6 fresh tomatoes, 2 green peppers, 3 cukes, 2 packages of cream cheese, Milk, 2 lbs ground turkey, vidalia onions, elbow macaroni, cheese and 4 loaves of bread.

    January 17th- 23rd

    Monday 17th:

    • Breakfast: blueberry muffins
    • Lunch: Poor Boys (grilled cheese with tomato slices)
    • Dinner: Grilled Chicken Breast, Seasoned Potato Wedges (grilled), Summer Squash

    Tuesday 18th:

    • Breakfast: homemade yogurt with sliced peaches
      (home canned)
    • Lunch: Salad w/ Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Leftover Grilled Chicken, Sliced Hard boiled eggs
    • Dinner: French Toast, Bacon

    Wednesday 19th

    • Breakfast: waffles
    • Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches or Wraps
    • Dinner: Chinese Fried Rice, Stir Fry Vegetables

    Thursday 20th

    Friday 21st:

    • Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs & Toast w/ Homemade Jam
    • Lunch: Tomato Basil Salad*
    • Dinner: Hearty Taco Pasta

    Saturday 22nd:

    • Breakfast: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuits
    • Lunch: Leftover Taco Pasta (I Love this with extra jalepenos!)
    • Dinner: Baked Ham with Pineapple, Riced Potatoes, Steamed Green Beans, Fresh Rolls

    Sunday 23rd

    • Breakfast: Bagels & Cream Cheese
    • Lunch: Ham SaladSandwiches & homemade potato chips
    • Dinner:
      Macaroni & Cheese with Ham & Broccoli

    Various Snacks:

    Drinks included:

    A few things I'd like to share:

    Just after the holidays, Whole hams were on sale in our area for .68 a pound, so I bought 4 and froze them. I also found real butter on sale the week before Christmas for $2 a pound and purchased 25 pounds. I detest margarine and will only use it if I absolutely have to.
    I very rarely purchase canned fruits and vegetables- generally we prefer fresh or frozen.

    We also grow several fresh herbs in the kitchen year round. I always have cilantro, rosemary, dill and basil on hand to add to various dishes. I find that it really enhances the flavor of food using fresh over dried.

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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      I just have one question:
      Where on earth do you shop that you can purchase all that for $30?!?!?! If I got that at the Walmart or Publix here, I'd be looking at a whole lot more than that!!
    1. GB101's Avatar
      GB101 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
      I just have one question:
      Where on earth do you shop that you can purchase all that for $30?!?!?! If I got that at the Walmart or Publix here, I'd be looking at a whole lot more than that!!
      Aldi's- most weeks I buy veggies at aldis- they have the best produce deals around. For example, this week pears are .50 a pound, whole pineapples are .99 Each, etc. It pays to watch the sales flyers in your area, we've lived in 3 different states and always manage to find stores with similar pricing.
    1. trishann21's Avatar
      trishann21 -
      I have the same problem...small town grocery store (expensive) at home...Walmart/Safeway 45 minutes away. BUT...that being said...the mixes and make ahead ideas on this site will be awesome for us! We grocery shop only once a month...to save on gas and time/money...I've found so much here I can use. We are a family of 5...3 kids..tween and up...yet I manage to keep our grocery budget under $350 each month.

      I'm thinking taking what I've learned here so far I can eliminate another $50 off of that! I'm loving everything I'm reading so far!
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