• Almost Hooters Hotwings

    If you love the taste of Hooter's Hotwings, you'll love this simple copycat recipe! If you're a fan of the famous restaurant, you know that their delicious wings are fried in light batter for a lovely crunchy crisp that holds their delectable sauce.
    Although I rarely fry foods, with the start of football season underway, I thought it was absolutely necessary to share these delicious wings with you!

    4-5 lbs Wings
    Hot Oil
    1 cups whole wheat flour
    1/2 cup all purpose flour
    1 1/4 teaspoons salt
    1/2 teaspoon paprika
    1/4 teaspoons McCormicks Chipotle Pepper

    1 stick Butter (not margarine!)
    1/2 c. Franks Hot Wing Sauce
    1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper (up to a teaspoon to reach desired hotness!)

    Mix the flours, salt, paprika and chipotle pepper until well blended. In a frying pan or frydaddy, heat oil to 375F. Dip the wings into the seasoned flour and fry until golden brown. while the wings are frying, melt the butter and mix with the Franks hot wing sauce. Add cayenne pepper as desired, set aside.

    Once the wings are fully cooked and golden brown, Drain briefly on paper towels, then dip liberally in the hot wing sauce.

    Serve with celery sticks & bleu cheese or Ranch Dressing.

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    1. degauze's Avatar
      degauze -
      I make a different kind of chicken wings. I always fry them at 350 degrees until they float, then take them out of oil and drain while i fry the rest. then i heat the oil to 400 degrees and re-fry them all to the crispiness you desire. this 2nd frying makes them crispy. i usually don't flour them and when they are done i coat them with Season All to taste.

      When i bread them, i sauce them. Any sauce you like usually works, like sweet and sour, Spicy sweet and sour, spaghetti sauce, oil and garlic, mustard, BBQ, etc.
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