• 7th Heaven Chicken

    Perfectly seasoned chicken breast smothered in a savory cream sauce with a hint of onions, chives and a generous helping of sliced mushrooms.

    7th Heaven Chicken

    Before we begin I want to make a note about the Wine in the recipe- it really doesn't matter a Lot which wine you use, as long as you find it palatable. Don't use a wine that you wouldn't want to drink straight out of the bottle and please, I implore you, please do NOT use "Cooking Wine" which is completely LOADED with sodium and tastes like the ocean
    floor after a hurricane. In this particular recipe, we used Arbor Mist Exotic Fruits, which is a white zinfandel. It's a light, slightly fruity wine and adds amazing flavor.

    You'll Need:

    2 T. Butter
    1 pkg Italian Dressing Mix
    1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
    1/2 c. sliced fresh mushrooms (optional)
    1/2 c. Dry White wine ( I used Arbor Mist Exotic Fruit White Zinfandel!)
    8 oz cream cheese **
    1 1/2 tsp. onion powder
    1 T. chopped chives
    2-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

    Melt the butter in a small saucepan, add the cream of mushroom soup, cream cheese, wine, italian dressing mix, onion powder and chives. Mix well until hot and fully
    incorporated as a creamy sauce.

    7th Heaven Chicken Recipe from GroceryBudget101.com

    Cut the breasts into serving size pieces (1/2 breast per person, or whole breast, however you prefer).

    Place them in individual baking dishes or in a 9x13 pan (however you prefer, it's really not all that important!)

    Arrange some freshly sliced mushrooms over the top (if you like mushrooms), pour sauce generously over each breast piece. Add more mushrooms (if desired)

    Bake at 350 for 26-34 minutes (this depends on how thick your chicken breast is! If the breast still has the tenders attached, it takes longer, ours were about 2 inches thick). If it's thinner, it won't take as long.

    Serve with Salad or any veggie you prefer. Also, this meal can be "stretched" by serving with Rice, particular wild rice to really bring out the flavors.

    CROCKPOT Version:

    Better yet, if you want a simple
    meal, you can make the sauce, place the raw chicken breasts in the bottom of the crockpot and pour the sauce over the top. Cook on med for 4 hours. Toss in the mushrooms during the last hour of cooking.

    ** A note about the cream Cheese- there is a brand of cream cheese that has onions and chives in it. For ease you could use this in place of the cream cheese, onion powder and chives that are listed in the recipe. However, in our area, it's about $1.60 more than plain cream cheese and it only costs me about .07 for onion powder/chives. A savings of $1.53
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    1. nikki's Avatar
      nikki -
      This was a big hit with the family! Thanks for the recipe.
    1. cookingchic's Avatar
      cookingchic -
      Quick Question: When do you add the Italian Dressing Mix?
    1. GB101's Avatar
      GB101 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cookingchic View Post
      Quick Question: When do you add the Italian Dressing Mix?
      In the sauce with the other seasonings :-)
    1. megancasteen's Avatar
      megancasteen -
      Are there any substitutes for the wine?
      We don't drink or keep any alcohol in our home (even for cooking) so it would be silly to buy a bottle just to use a small amount for this recipe.
      I am very interested in making it if the white wine could be substituted.... Any suggestions?
    1. GB101's Avatar
      GB101 -
      I am very interested in making it if the wine could be substituted.... Any suggestions?
      I would use white grape juice in place of white wine, although If you have it, you could dilute it a little bit with ginger ale/white grape juice combination. say 3/4 white grape 1/4 gingerale for this particular recipe.
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