• 2012 Week #1 $50 Weekly Menu

    Welcome to our 2012 $50 Weekly Meal Plan for 4-6 people! Over the course of the last 52 weeks, we've shared our family's weekly meal plan with a $50 weekly budget. If you've been following those weekly plans, you know that we have quite a store of food built up in the freezer and pantry. This year, we're going to take a slightly different approach . . .
    and avoid shopping on a weekly basis. Over the past 15 years or so of maintaining a $250 or less grocery budget, we've learned that it's considerably easier (for us) to purchase the majority of groceries at once and budget for loss leaders and potential sales items. So far this week, I haven't bothered to go shopping, but I do have salad planned for the middle/end of the week. Which means that I'll either have to stop at Aldi's or our local veggie stand for a few basic items or change the veggie to one of many in the freezer (such as sweet peas, broccoli, green beans, etc).

    Monday 2nd

    • Breakfast: Bagels & Jam
    • Lunch: Egg Salad Wraps
    • Dinner: Grinch Soup (split pea with ham!)

    Tuesday 3rd:

    • Breakfast: Poached eggs on toast
    • Lunch: Tuna Salad Tortilla Wrap
    • Dinner: Grilled Steak, Sweet Potato Fries, Salad

    Wednesday 4th

    Thursday 5th:

    • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, raisin toast
    • Lunch: Leftover Creamy Broccoli Pie
    • Dinner: Spaghetti, Meatballs, garlic bread and Salad

    Friday 6th:

    • Breakfast: french Toast or Waffles
    • Lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches
    • Dinner: Meatball Subs

    Saturday 7th:

    Sunday 8th:

    Various Snacks:

    Drinks included:
    * Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
    * Coffee
    * Lemonade
    * Copycat Gatorade
    * CopyCat Arizona Green Tea
    FYI: You'll notice that we have fresh grapefruits and oranges listed in the various snacks area- these are from several weeks ago, we purchased 2 cases of fruit and are finishing them up.

    The Sweet potatoes are from our garden, over the weekend while getting ready to till and fertilize for the winter, we discovered that we hadn't dug up all of the sweet potatoes. We ended up with 2 more 5 gallon pails full within 20 minutes! It's January and salad green prices will be ridiculous for the next 2 or 3 months, particularly in the colder regions. I have a small window box in our home with various leafy greens growing for quick harvest.

    If you're still struggling to stay within a limited budget, check out our menu's from last year and follow them from week to week to learn how to build up your pantry and freezer, by taking advantage of various deals.
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