• Sinfully Simple Rotisserie Chicken

    Whole Chickens are frequently on sale very cheaply! Here is a sinfully simple rotisserie chicken recipe. If your grill is large enough, I recommend cooking 2 and having the leftovers in sandwiches and salads.

    * 1 (3 pound) whole chicken
    * 1 pinch salt
    * 1/4 cup butter, melted
    * 1 tablespoon salt
    * 1 tablespoon paprika
    * 1/4 tablespoon ground black pepper

    Mix the seasonings together in a small bowl. Wash and pat the bird dry lightly sprinkle about 1/2 tsp seasoning inside the bird, skewer onto a rotisserie, tie the wings and legs with twine, which will keep them from overcooking and place in a hot grill on high for 10 minutes. We slide a cheap tinfoil pan underneath to catch the drippings and prevent the grill from flaring up & burning the chicken. Be sure that you are using low enough indirect heat, you don't want flames kissing the yumminess of your chicken goodbye!

    Mix the butter and seasonings together and baste the chicken well, using ALL of the seasoned butter. Close the lid, reduce the heat to med-low and cook about an hour & a half, basting occasionally.

    Remove from the rotisserie carefully and allow it to rest 10 minutes before serving. This goes great with coleslaw and grilled potatoes!

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      can i use this in the oven if i dont got a grill
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