• 2012 Week #14 $50 Weekly Menu Plan

    2012 $50 Weekly Menu Week #14- Happy Spring! Easter has arrived and with it comes a plethora of deals on lovely spring veggies, hams and kids clothing. We were able to take advantage of price matching this week and get a couple hams for .48 a pound. Shrimp are also frequently on sale late march, early April and we were able to find it for 2lbs/$4. from a local vendor.
    In addition to the ham & shrimp we picked up 2 cantaloupes, a few cucumbers, (lettuce from the garden) baby carrots, fresh
    broccoli, celery, potatoes, strawberries, apples, mayonnaise, tomatoes, peppers, sour cream and yeast. We also picked up another 4lb package of popcorn seeds as well. This is a quick-easy snack that everyone loves. Total Spent this week $49.13

    Monday 2nd:

    * Breakfast: Bob Evans Gingered Buttermilk Breakfast Cake
    * Lunch: Grilled Cheese
    * Dinner: Shrimp Stir Fry on a bed of Jasmine Rice

    Tuesday 3rd:

    * Breakfast: Egg in the Hole
    * Lunch: Shrimp stir fry wraps
    * Dinner: veggie & Cheese Omelet, toast


    * Breakfast: Bacon Egg & Cheese Egg McMuffins
    * Lunch: Cucumber Sandwiches
    * Dinner: Italian Marinated Dijon Pepper Steak, Baked Potato, Steamed Broccoli

    Thursday 5th:

    * Breakfast: Donuts
    * Lunch: Cheeseburgers & Potato salad
    * Dinner: Grilled Salsa chicken, salad

    Friday 6th:

    * Breakfast: Fruit Kebabs (Cantaloupe, Pineapple, Apple Chunks) w/ Yogurt Dip
    * Lunch: Leftover Salsa Chicken in a Wrap
    * Dinner: Bacon Spinach Rotini, sliced fresh cucumbers

    Saturday 7th:

    * Breakfast: oatmeal & toast
    * Lunch: Leftover Bacon Spinach Rotini
    * Dinner: Honey Chipotle Chicken, Salad

    Sunday 8th: Happy Easter!

    * Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs or Muffins (from the freezer)
    * midday meal: Baked Ham w/ Brown Sugar Pineapple Sauce "gravy", honey glazed baby carrots, Rosemary
    roasted red potatoes, biscuits or yeast rolls, deviled eggs

    Various Snacks:

    * Fresh Fruit- cantaloupe, strawberries
    * Microwave Popcorn
    * Chewy Granola Bars
    * Homemade Chips & Vidalia Onion Dip

    Drinks included:

    * Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
    * Coffee
    * Lemonade
    * Copycat Gatorade
    * CopyCat Arizona Green Tea

    FYI: I have a giant baked ham on the menu for this week, much of next weeks menu plan will revolve around the leftovers, which we are really looking forward to! The steaks are from a previous week (about 2 weeks ago now) when we took advantage of a great sale. Cantaloupes were dirt cheap this week, I scored 4 for $2.50 at the farmers market.

    Again- if you're new to the site, we often make up large batches of bagels, french toast, waffles and various types of muffins and freeze them. These are what I like to call "Real Convenience" foods
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