• $50 Menu Plan Help: Newburgh, Indiana

    This Weeks $50 Menu Plan help is for Newburgh, Indiana (Zip code 47630). It's understandably frustrating trying to reduce the grocery bill when prices are seemingly going through the roof. This particular area actually has quite a few resources available, but the deals that really stood out were as follows:

    Aldi- (Evansville Location)
    Fresh Pineapple .99 each
    Blueberries $1.89 pint
    Fresh Whole Cantaloupe $1.89
    3 Pack of Multi-Color Bell Peppers $1.49
    Grape Tomatoes .79
    Dole Salad Mix .49
    buns .79
    Frozen Ground Turkey $1.47 lb
    Real Butter $2.29 pound
    Flour $2.69 bag
    Sugar $2.79 bag
    Bread $1. loaf
    Milk $2.85 gallon
    Eggs .99 doz
    Mangoes $1.29
    Mushrooms .99

    Bone in Pork Chops 1.99
    Chicken Thighs .99
    seedless grapes 1.48 lb
    pasta $1 box
    Tuna $1 can
    nutella $3 jar
    2/$1 Green Peppers/Cucumbers/green onions

    Sam's Club- Although the requester did not list this as one of her "normal" stores for shopping, she might want to seriously consider adding it. She could be taking advantage of case pricing on meat and purchasing boneless skinless chicken for as little as $1.55 a pound (as is detailed in our Ebook) as
    well as major deals on pork and beef.

    Walmart Everyday Prices:
    Frozen Vegetables .96 bag
    Rice 2#'s $2.68
    White Corn Tortilla Chips $2.00
    Oatmeal $2.00
    1# Shrimp $5.

    Possible Grocery List- of course this is entirely dependent of what you already have on hand in your Own pantry and freezer. This list assumes you have just the bare basics.

    2 pineapples .99 = $1.98
    blueberries = 1.89
    1 cantaloupe =$1.89
    Mango....... $1.29
    1 pk colored peppers =$1.49
    grape tomatoes= .79
    butter= $2.29
    frozen ground turkey = 3#'s = $4.41
    bread $1
    Milk $2.85
    8pk Hamburger Buns .79
    Dole Salad Mix (4) $1.96
    Pork Chops 2# $4.
    Chicken Thighs 7# $6.93
    Pasta 4 boxes $4 (1 box fettucine, 2 boxes elbow macaroni, 1 box rotini)
    2 green peppers $1.
    4 Cucumbers $2
    1# seedless grapes $1.48
    3 cans Tuna $3
    eggs (2 doz) $1.98
    fresh mushrooms $.99
    Groceries $48.01

    Make a tropical fruit salad using 1 pineapple, cantaloupe, mango- this makes enough for at least 2 days for an entire family, if not 3 or 4 depending on the size of the fruit & servings.

    Breakfast Ideas:
    Jam Breakfast Bars
    Egg Scramble Wraps
    French Toast
    Tropical Fruit Salad (2x's)
    Blueberries & Cream Oatmeal (using half of the blueberries)
    Blueberry Muffins

    Lunch Ideas:
    Tuna Grape Salad Wraps
    Egg Salad (18 variations)
    Leftover BBQ Chicken Wraps (Tortilla, Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato)
    Tuna Pasta Salad
    Cucumber Sandwiches
    Leftover Chop Suey
    Cool Cucumber Soup (btw, you can MYO Yogurt)

    Fettucine Alfredo w/ Shredded Chicken & Salad
    Sloppy Joes & Salad (using ground turkey & half pkg hamburger buns), Salad
    BBQ Chicken, Macaroni Salad
    Cowboy Pork Chops over
    BBQ Rice
    , salad
    American Chop Suey, garlic parmesan swirl biscuits
    Turkey Burgers (using remaining pkg of ground turkey & hamburger buns), Salad
    Cajun Chicken & Rice Stuffed Peppers (cut the peppers in half before stuffing)

    A couple stores & Farmers markets that may be of interest or worthwhile to check out:

    Ruler Discount Foods- 2040 E Morgan Ave, Evansville, IN 47711
    Wrights Berry Farm- 5233 Anderson Rd, Newburgh
    Buds Farm Market- 3301 S. Weinbach Ave, Evansville
    Mayse Farm Market- 6400 N. Saint Joseph Ave, Evansville
    Ronnies Fruit Stand- 600 E Columbia Street, Evansville
    Historic Newburgh Farmers Market - Corner of State & Water Streets (Saturdays)
    Vanderburgh County Farm Bureau Farmers Market (evansville)
    Bill Engelbrechts Orchard & Farm Market 7766 Fruitwood Lane, Newburgh, IN
    Esthers Gardens (Evansville)
    River City Food Co-op- Great place to get your bulk spices, grains, pasta, etc

    These may offer better deals on seasonal produce that you can freeze or home can for later.

    GroceryBudget101 Notes:

    Please keep in mind that the goal is to keep the grocery budget under $250 a month. Since most months have only 4 weeks in them, you have an additional $50 to play with for stocking up during sales or getting other household items like toilet paper, pet food, etc.
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