• Strawberry Cream Shortcake Cake

    An explosion of strawberries and cream within a moist, delicious cake, for a cooling summer treat.
    I came up with this recipe because the kids wanted some strawberry shortcake and I wasn't in the mood for Plain ol' shortcake. I wanted something with a little twist!!

    You'll Need:

    1 Yellow or White Cake Mix (eggs/oil/water)

    Filling Ingredients:
    1 -3oz pkg strawberry jello
    1 8 oz container Cool-Whip

    1/2 c. boiling water
    1 c. ice cold water
    4 or 5 fresh strawberries, diced *optional*

    You'll also need a filled cake pan, I actually received mine many years ago as a gift from my mom, but both Betty Crocker and Wilton make them.

    Prepare the Cake Mix according to the directions. You can use a box mix, or a homemade mix.

    Preheat the Oven to 350F - Grease the pans generously, do not flour. Fill the cake pans to the "Fill Lines" as directed in the manual that came with your pans.

    Bake as directed in the manual that came with your pans. (Betty Crocker Pans require 30 minutes, wilton pans require a different amount of time!) remove from oven, cool 10 minutes, remove the pan insert (if you're using the betty crocker set, otherwise- if you're using wilton, no need to remove anything!

    Cool completely.

    Prepare the filling:

    In a medium size bowl, dissolve the strawberry jello in 1/2 c. boiling water, until granules of sugar no longer appear on the spoon. Immediately add 1 c. Ice Water, stirring well, fold in 1 full container of Cool-Whip. Do not beat or overmix as it will cause it to not set properly. Place in Fridge for 5 minutes. Add diced strawberries, if using them.

    Spoon Mixture into the hollow, Cooled Cake, top with the cake bottom or other half if using wilton pan. Place in Fridge for 4+ Hours.

    Invert onto a plate, cover generously with fresh whipped cream or cool whip and top with fresh sliced berries.

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