• $50 Menu Plan Help: Florence, KY

    This weeks $50 Menu plan help is for Florence Kentucky. Here is the original message we received requesting assistance in this particular area:

    "MarciaBrady- Hi...I'm new to your site. I have been trying to work on menu planning, etc for a long time...but, am finding it very difficult for my ADHD brain to figure it out. I know it's not really that difficult...but...
    Anyway...would love it if you could give me some help for the zip code of 41042. I shop at Kroger the most and sometimes Meijer
    and Super Target."

    Marcia shared with us that her most preferred grocery stores are Kroger, Meijer and Super Target, but in order to make some major changes to her grocery budget, we recommend the following:

    We've located an Aldi store 2.64 miles from the zipcode provided, as well as a Sam's Club 2.3 miles away.

    Aldi Weekly Sales Flyer:
    Fresh Strawberries .99#
    Fresh Blueberries .99
    Lemons .99 a bag
    Artisan Lettuce $1.29
    Vine Tomatoes .99 for 24oz
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99#
    Chicken Drumsticks .99 lb
    Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters Jumbo Bag (5#'s) .69 per pound
    Hot dog Buns .79
    Red Grapes .79

    Reg Aldi Prices:
    Flour $2.69
    Butter $2. pound
    Ground Turkey $1.47 lb
    Green Peppers .99
    Colored Bell Peppers 3/$1.29
    Frozen Veggies .79 bag
    eggs $.99
    Summer Squash .99
    Zucchini .99
    Bananas .44#
    Celery 1.29

    Peaches .99lb
    Sweet Corn 4/$1
    Kelloggs Cereal $1.88 Box

    Remke (Biggs) Market: located on Turfway

    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99
    San Giorgio Pasta $10/10
    Kelloggs Cereals $1.99 box
    Corn on the Cob 3/$1

    Having seen those particular ad sale Highlights, I'd purchase the following:

    Fresh Strawberries .99# =.99
    Fresh Blueberries .99 =.99
    Lemons .99 a bag =.99
    Artisan Lettuce $1.29 buy 2 = 2.58
    Vine Tomatoes .99 for 24oz =.99
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99# 2# = $3.98
    Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters Jumbo Bag (5#'s) .69 per pound - 10#$6.90
    Hot dog Buns .79 = .79
    Red Grapes .79 2#= $1.58
    Flour $2.69
    Sugar $1.89
    Ground Turkey $1.47 lb x2 = 2.94
    Green Peppers .99 x1 =.99
    Colored Bell Peppers 3/$1.29 x1 =1.29
    Frozen Veggies .79 bag x3 = 2.37
    eggs $.99 x 2 = 1.98
    Summer Squash .99 x1= .99
    Zucchini .99 x1 = .99
    Mushrooms .99 x1 = .99
    Milk $3.18
    Celery 1.29
    Kelloggs Cereal 1.88
    Corn on the cob 6 ears $1.50
    Bananas 5# = 2.20
    Total $48.96

    First & foremost, I would strip the chicken off half of the chicken legs and make homemade chicken stock out of the bones to freeze for future recipes.

    Breakfast Ideas:
    Banana Bread/Banana Muffins
    Strawberry Jam Breakfast Bars
    Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits (using blueberries/strawberries)
    French Toast made with cinnamon raisin bread
    Oatmeal (strawberry cream or blueberry cream)
    Quickie Pancakes (maybe with blueberries)


    Garden Bounty Summer

    Honey Dijon Marinated Chicken, Dilled Zucchini & Summer Squash (Next day lunch with cubes of leftover honey dijon chicken on top)
    Egg Salad- 18 Variations (in the hotdog buns if you don't want to make Wraps)
    Grilled Pesto Chicken Kebabs, Salad (next days lunch- pesto chicken wraps)
    Healthy Nacho's (omit the nacho chips in & use shredded lettuce instead) - Double the taco meat & use the leftovers to create Wraps for lunch the next day)
    Chipotle Sticky Chicken, corn on the cob, salad (again save the leftovers for Wraps with lettuce & Tomato the next day)

    Or if the zucchini is big enough you could make grilled zucchini pizza or summer squash slaw or Italian Chicken Saute or spiced zucchini Fritters

    Snacks/ Munchies
    Microwave Popcorn
    Chewy Granola Bars
    Lemon Cake

    Obviously, you would customize this to what your own family prefers to eat. Perhaps you have some fresh veggies from your own garden, or a neighbors garden- or a roast that you bought on sale that's been sitting in your freezer
    for too long.

    Other notes, in addition to the Aldi store nearby, you might want to consider checking out the Sam's Club that is nearby as well for case prices on meat & chicken. Rather than spending $2 a pound for boneless skinless chicken, you could be buying it as low as $1.50 a pound.

    Aldi Location :
    ALDI Erlanger, KY
    4350 Dixie Hwy.
    Erlanger, KY 41018

    In addition to the above, there are also several farmers markets available in your area (within 10 miles or so):

    • The Dixie Farmers Market (Erlanger)
    • The Boone County Farmers Market (Burlington)
    • Tewes Farm- fresh eggs/chickens/turkeys
    • Thistlehair Farm- which offers blueberries/blackberries/fruits & veggies
    • Sunny Brook Farms
    • Independence Farmers Market- offers produce, chicken, eggs, pork, beef
    • Benton Family Farm- u-pick
    • McGlasson Farms- fruit & Veggie Farm
    • Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage Farm Project
    • Covington Farmers Market (View their Facebook Page)
    • Cincinnati Court Street Market
    • Campbell County Farmers Market
    • Newport Farmers Market
    • Findlay Market
    • Rising Sun Farmers Market
    • Permanganic
    • Burke Gardens
    • Lettuce Eat Well Farmers Market
    • Bellevue Farmers Market
    • Fort Thomas Farmers Market
    • Weber Farms

    Photo Credit to Florence KY Online
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