• $50 Menu Plan Help: Three Rivers, Michigan

    This weeks $50 Menu Plan help across the USA is for Three Rivers, Michigan.

    KareBear400 wrote, "Three Rivers, MI 49094, we have a Meijers, Walmart, and a Hardings in our town. I would love to get your help and advice for lowering our foods bills to $50/week. We have are a family of 5 and we have one teenager, and two preteens so needless to say we are constantly feeding them. My husband and I are tired of walking out of the store with three bags of groceries that cost $100 or more and yet
    we still have hardly anything for meals/snacks. Please HELP!!"

    Karebear has stated that her normal preferred stores are Meijers, Walmart and Harding- however, based on her stated expenses it would appear that these stores aren't offering her a lot in the way of deals. Based on her location, we've located a store only 11 miles away that would offer her considerable savings on her grocery bill, Aldi.

    She might also want to consider shopping at Sam's Club about once a month to take advantage of meat deals. There is one about 20-25 minutes from her in Battle Creek.

    Aldi Deals from this weeks flyer

    Friendly Farms Milk $1.69 Gallon

    Fresh Whole Pineapple $1.49 Each
    Fresh Cherries $1.99 lb
    Seedless Watermelon $3.49 ea
    Fresh Strawberries $1.19 lb
    Fresh Blueberries $1.29 Pint
    Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99 lb
    Chicken Drumsticks or thighs .99lb
    Hotdog or Hamburg Buns .79
    Fresh Pork Shoulder Steaks $2.19 lb
    Flat Leaf Spinach $1.69
    Cottage Cheese $1.99

    Aldi's Everyday Prices:
    Artisan Lettuce $1.99
    Bell Peppers $1.29
    Cucumbers .99-1.29
    Frozen Ground Turkey $1.47 lb
    Frozen Veggies .79-.99 bag
    Refrigerated Roll Dough (Like the pillsbury bread dough in a can) .99
    Zucchini $1.50 pkg
    Summer Squash $1.50 pkg
    Onions $1.29 3-5lbs
    Colored Bell Peppers 3/$1.59
    Potatoes 10#/$3.99 (or less)
    Oatmeal $1.69
    celery $1.29
    Bananas .39 # (or less)
    Bread $1.29 a loaf (or less)
    eggs .99
    Sweet Potatoes 3lb $1.49
    Honey $2.49
    Sugar $2.19
    Flour $1.79
    White Rice $1.69

    Meijer Store Deals from this Weeks Flyer:

    Pork Shoulder Ribs $1.37 lb
    Peaches .99 lb
    Nectarines .99
    Bratwurst $2.69 pkg of 5
    Oscar Mayer Bologna .99
    Cool Whip .99
    Pasta $1 box (Muellers various types)
    Raisin Bran or Shredded Wheat Cereal $1.99 box
    Meijer Soft Tortillas .99

    (non food deal: Purex Laundry Detergent $2.99)

    Hardings Deals from this weeks Flyer:

    Nothing Notable.

    Sam's Club Deals (this weeks online flyer)

    Pork Boston Butt $1.68 Pound
    Whole Pork Boneless Loin $2.48 lb (this can be cut into loin roast or thick chops for grilling or stuffing)
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.77 lb

    Example of groceries you might choose to purchase from the weekly deals available:

    1 Gal Milk $1.69
    1 watermelon 3.49
    1 pineapple $1.49
    2 pints blueberries $1.29 (x2 pints) = 2.58
    5 lbs Boneless Skinless Chicken $1.77 (x5 pounds)
    = 8.85
    Flat Leaf Spinach $1.69
    Artisan Lettuce $1.99
    Bell Peppers $1.29
    Cucumbers 2/$1.
    3 lbs banana .40# = $1.20
    White Rice $1.69
    Oscar Mayer Bologna .99
    Pasta .99 box
    Meijer Soft Tortillas .99 (x2 pkgs) = $1.98
    2 doz eggs .99 (x2) $1.98
    Cherries $1.99
    celery 1.29
    potatoes 3.99
    carrots (2lbs) .99
    Pork Roast $1.58 (x4) $6.32
    Frozen Ground Turkey $2.94
    Total Spent $50.42

    Breakfast ideas:

    • French Toast
    • Blueberry Pancakes or Muffins
    • Jam Breakfast bars
    • Blueberry ginger Smoothies
    • Fruit Salad- Cut the watermelon in half, scoop the insides out, cut into bite size chunks, mix with fresh strawberries, blueberries & fresh pineapple chunks- makes a great Healthy Breakfast or snack

    Lunch/Dinner Ideas: the Following recipes are extremely simple to prepare, even for beginner cooks:

    More Snack Ideas:

    I'm actually a bit jealous on the milk prices! Did you know that if you remove a bit of milk from the jug, you can freeze it for later with no ill effects? Milk actually freezes quite well and on another note, your freezer actually runs LESS when it's full than when it's empty, thereby saving you money on your electric bill as well.

    Incidentally, if you happen to be gatorade drinkers- Aldi offers an "aldi brand" sports drink for about 1/3 of the price of Gatorade and it actually tastes exactly the same.

    Other Resources to Checkout:

    In addition to the great buys listed above, it may be worth it to check out a few of the farmers markets available in this area:

    • Asher Acres website
    • Clare Limerick Alpaca & Produce Farm - website
    • Coonce Farms -(5 miles away) Network with local Amish Farms for fresh organic foods
    • Hoover Farm - 15105 R Dr S Tekonsha, MI 49092
    • Idle River Farms (Union City)- (2.5 miles away) website
    • Karyl Baker- (5 miles away)- raises Siler Laced Wyandatts (Chicken/eggs)
    • Maurer Family Pasture Farm (3.5
      miles away)
    • The Hiday Farm (6 miles away)
    • Pleasant Hill Farm (Sells yr round at various Farmers Markets) 8711 G Drive S Ceresco, MI 49033
    • Tomorrow Farm- (13 miles away) website 8690 2 1/2 Mile Rd East Leroy, MI 49051
    • Union City Farmer's Market -
    • Vaughn River Ranch

    Store Resources:
    ALDI Coldwater, MI 811 E. Chicago Street Coldwater, MI 49036

    Also- since KareBear mentioned that she has teen/preteens we would also like to mention the following article that may offer some assistance:

    To Get help in your own zipcode Check out this Section.

    Photo Credit Three Rivers Michigan Website
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