• $50 Weekly Menu Plan Help: San Antonio, TX

    This weeks $50 Menu Plan help across the USA is in zip code 78245; San Antonio, Texas!

    Ilsabee wrote, " I live in San Antonio, there are 5 of us (2 adults and 3 little girls ages 5, 3, and 17 months) in zip code 78245 and we have HEB, Wal-Mart and Super Target as well as Costco and Sams Club (we only have a membership to Sams) plus some other obscure stores on the other side of town. Right now I'm budgeted to be spending no less then 100 a week, but I've been going way over (closer to 150-200
    a week) I'm a bit addicted to grocery shopping. We try to eat as much fresh veggies as possible, there are also several veggie co-ops (bountiful baskets offer about a weeks worth of fruit and veggies for about 20 dollars, for a little extra you can make it a veggie lovers basket, there is also a local farmer who sells about 30lbs of organic produce for $31 bucks, but you have to drive out the the farm and get it, and it's a random selection of what ever is growing right now) We also limit our grain intake. PLEASE HELP ME! My husband is pretty tired of hearing me say "Well, I went over again"

    Wow, it sounds like Ilsabee
    has her hands full with 3 young children and trying to maintain the grocery budget with a few dietary restrictions! To help get Ilsabee started, we'll provide her with a free copy of our ebook, "The 2012 Family guide to Groceries under $250 a month". She mentioned that she normally shops at HEB, Walmart, Super Target and Costco, but let's take a look at a few resources that she has available that might help save some money. . .

    Honestly speaking- we found some amazing meat deals in this area- if this were my personal budget, I would use 2 weeks budget and stock the freezer with the dirt cheap meat deals that are available! This will make your future menus cheaper and give you a chance to restock your pantry with canned goods and baking supplies.

    La Fiesta (Current Store Flyer July 25th-July 31st)

    Country Style Pork Ribs $1.00
    Chicken Drumsticks .77 lb
    Sirloin Pork Chops $1.00 lb
    Sirloin Tip Steak $2.77 lb
    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.97
    Split Chicken Breast $1.29lb
    Catfish Nuggets $1.47 lb
    Raw White Shrimp $4.99 lb
    Jalapeno Peppers .77lb
    Tomatoes .77lb
    Red Gold Tomato Sauce 5/ $1.
    Eggs $1. dozen
    24ct White Corn Tortillas $1.
    12 oz Bacon $1.77
    T-Bone Steak $3.99
    Bell Peppers 2/$1
    Cucumbers 2/$1
    Green Onions .50
    Limes 10/$1
    Calabacita (Squash) .79 lb
    Peaches .99 lb
    Plums .99 lb
    Potatoes .59 lb
    2lbs White Rice $1
    Brown Rice .29 Lb (with flyer coupon) Flyers located inside the door as you walk in!
    Sour Cream $1
    Frozen Veggies $1
    Cheese Singles $1.
    Blue Bonnet Margarine $1. pound
    Milk $3.99 gal
    Wheat Bread $1.50

    Sprouts - Current Store Flyer Valid July 25-August 1, 2012
    Red Cherries $1.49
    Red or Green Bell Peppers $3/1
    Avocados .77 each
    .77 each
    Zucchini or Yellow Squash .77lb
    Broccoli Crowns .99 lb
    Green Beans .99
    Romaine, Red or Leaf Lettuce .99 each
    Cauliflower/Baby Carrots 4/$5
    Cantaloupe $1.50
    Organic Oranges .99lb

    HEB Foods - Current Store Flyer Valid 7/25- 7/31/2012

    Nectarines .98 lb
    5lbs potatoes $2.49
    Cantaloupe $1.50
    Pasta Sauce $1.50

    Walmart Everyday Price:
    Oatmeal $1.99
    Vanilla Yogurt $1.99
    Milk $3.18
    Pasta $1. box
    Jam $1. jar

    Potential Grocery List Ideas:

    Sirloin Pork Chops $1.lb- buy 2 = $2.
    Split Chicken Breast $1.29lb buy 4 lbs -$5.16
    Sirloin Steak $2.77 x 1.5 lbs = $4.15
    Green Peppers 3/$1.
    Cucumbers 2/$1- buy 4 = $2.
    Eggs ($1) x2 = $2.
    Catfish Nuggets $1.47 pound (x2) = $2.94
    Tomatoes 1lb = .77
    Lettuce 2 heads at.99 each = $1.98
    limes .10 each x2 = .20
    Sliced Cheese 1.
    Frozen Veggies - Spinach 1.
    Potatoes 5lbs $2.50
    Bacon $1.77
    1/2 pound Jalapenos .77 = .39
    Cream Cheese $1.50
    Milk $3.18
    Bread $1.50
    Brown Rice .29
    Zucchini 1lb .77
    Yellow Squash 1 lb .77
    Mango .77
    Cantaloupe $1.50
    Broccoli Crowns 1lb .99
    Green Beans 2 lb .99 = 1.98
    1 box Penne Pasta $1.
    Nectarines 1lb .99
    Peaches 1 lb .99
    Plums 1 lb .99
    Oatmeal $1.99
    Store Brand Jam $1.00
    Total $50.07


    Lunch & Dinners:

    Variations- With the above listed grocery list you could also make armadillo eggs or jalapeno texas cheese fries

    Snack Ideas:

    As a gentle reminder, generally speaking, it is considerably less expensive if you preplan your grocery expense by purchasing meat
    all at once and then using the remaining weeks budget to purchase fruits and vegetables & pantry items you'll find that you have a much larger stockpile for considerably less money.

    Additional Resources
    Here are a few additional resources in your area that you might not be aware of, but may have great deals available:

    • San Antonio Farmer's Market Association- Wide selection of produce, meats, baked goods and more, View the available markets, schedule and exact locations: website

    • Broken B Ranch: Hens, broilers, eggs, lambs, honey and more - a family farm that takes great care to avoid medicated feeds & unnecessary hormones. website FB

    • Central Texas Farmers market- Location: 3233 N St Mary's San Antonio, TX 78212

    • ChefSource Cooperative Warehouse, Inc - A Co-op that is dedicated to buying & distributing specialty produce and gourmet foods to (member) chefs and the local community. This may be an excellent resource to purchase otherwise unattainable high quality foods. Location: 1500 S. Zarzamora #410 San Antonio, TX 787205

    • Food Buying Club - Real Food SA - Healthy food/product buying club for families in San Antonio and surrounding areas- website - FB

    • Hill Country Farmers Market Association- A combination of 3 different local Farmers Markets which include Leon Springs, Helotes and The Rimwebsite - FB

    • Kock Ranches Inc- Grass fed Beef, Longhorn, Goat, Lamb, Venison, Wild Boar & Sausages. CSA featuring natural, locally grown produce, yard eggs & meats. Location: 50 Haverhill Way San Antonio, TX 78209 website

    • Legacy Outdoor Market- wide selection ofr fruits/veggies and various goods Location: 18402 US Hwy 281N at the northeast corner of Hwys 281 & 1604 website FB

    • Main Plaza Farmers Market- local, seasonal produce, artisan breads, free-range eggs and more. Location: N Main Ave San Antonio, TX 78205 Tuesdays, 10am-2pm website

    • Miller Farms- Milk, raw dairy, Location: 12730 Fm 471 South Lacoste, TX 78039 website

    • Naegelin Family Farm- Produce that does not use chemical pesticides or herbicides and rely primarily on compost and natural fertilizers. Location: 1781 Duck Pond Road Lytle, TX 78052

    • New Braunfels Farm to Market- Location: On South Castell next to Friesenhaus New Braunfels, Texas 78130 Website Saturdays, 9am-1pm

    • Pearl Farmers Market- Huge Selection of Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Baked Goods, Meats and products like honey, flowers, nuts, jams and much more Location: 200 E Grayson St San Antonio, TX 78215 website FB

    • Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market Location: 255 East Basse Rd. San Antonio, TX 78209 website Sundays, 9am-1pm

    • Scott Arbor- Offers a Veggie Share for $25 week- large basket of fresh local veggies, learn more on their website! Location: 625 Old Woehler Rd. Seguin, TX 78155 Website

    • South Texas Farmers Market- Location: Fresno Dr San Antonio, TX 78201 Call the South Texas Farmers Market Association (830) 709-3864 for various locations and days

    • Sustainable Food Center- "From seed to table, SFC creates opportunities for individuals to make healthy food choices and to participate in a vibrant local food system. Through organic food gardening, relationships with area farmers, interactive cooking classes and nutrition education, children and adults have increased access to locally grown food " Website

    • Tri-County Farmers Market- 8500 Jones Maltsberger San Antonio, TX
      (830) 665-3579

    Photo Credit & Source:
    San Antonio Digital Art by Kevin Middleton
    Prints available on his site!
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    1. ilsabee's Avatar
      ilsabee -
      Thank you so much! I really wish I had checked back sooner, I'll have to check out La Fiesta and I knew about Sprouts. So, was the above Grocery List for the meals you have listed? THANKS AGAIN!!

      I had also forgot to mention one other thing that brings our budget up, we limit our sugar intake to no more then 15 grams for an entire day.
    1. Boldski's Avatar
      Boldski -
      Do you have the info for the farm that sell 30 lbs of produce for 32.00? I'm in the SA area. thanks
    1. TXWildflower's Avatar
      TXWildflower -

      I have HEB, Kroger, Randall's, Aldi, Fiesta, Foodtown, Walmart, Target, and a Sprouts. HEB and Foodtown are where I mostly shop.

      I need to make better choices in what we are eating as we are diabetics and have HBP. I have 4 in my family at the moment...2 teenagers and my husband and myself. We eat alot of chicken and some hamburger meat. Too many sandwiches!
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